Where every person has a story.

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Where every person has a story.

HHS Media

Where every person has a story.

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Junior Jesse Lichti goes for a lay-up during the 3rd period of the game.
The Role Model
Sawyer Hook, Staff Reporter • February 3, 2021

Senior Jesse Lichti has had many accomplishments and struggles throughout his four year high school career. A big struggle he had to overcome...

Shanholtz poses in front of one of her many collages that she constructs in her art journal.
The Sentimental Artist
Soraya Kaussler, Page Editor • February 1, 2021

Senior Maddie Shanholtz entered the school year focused on one main goal, getting into college. She is currently in the process of applying to...

Benevento-Zahner poses in a red fleece Columbia jacket in front of some greenery. He is passionate about the environment.
The Activist
Caryanne Shaw, Staff Reporter • January 28, 2021

Not many students can say they’ve been arrested before they graduate high school; however, that is not the case for senior Silas Benevento-...

Velker in front of the plane she regularly flies. Her lessons are based out of the Weyers Cave airport.
The Pilot
Mia Constantin, Print Editor in Chief • January 25, 2021

In order to become an astronaut, one has to know how to fly a plane. After dreaming of becoming an astronaut her entire life, senior Eva Velker...

Ayala-Gallo enjoys listening as well as writing about music in his Wikipedia articles.
The (Song) Writer
Lucia Gabel, Editor-in-Chief • January 21, 2021

Editing and writing Wikipedia pages is the unconventional hobby which allowed senior Noel Ayala-Gallo to appreciate music in a way that was far...

Betsy Quimby has not always found making friends easy. Through her  teachers, family, and church community, Quimby has learned she can be a friend to others, and to herself.
The Friend
Caleb Goss, Visual Content Editor in Chief • January 13, 2021

“I'm okay. I feel like a lot of stuff is just not going the way I wanted to play out,” Senior Betsy Quimby said.  Much like the rest...

When I think of a sunflower I think of the words loyalty, love, and joy. I always strive to be not only a sunflower for myself, but for everyone around me, Senior Dani T-Medhin said.
The Sunflower
Caleb Goss, Visual Content Editor in Chief • January 12, 2021

She had never heard of a toothbrush. She had never seen snow or knew white people existed. What Dani T-Medhin did know was within Addis Ababa,...

Green dances outside of James Madison University where he hopes to attend after high school.
The Performer
Lucia Gabel, Editor-in-Chief • January 11, 2021

The bright lights of a stage are a safe and comforting space for many during their high school career. For others, this setting can create less...

The Prioritizer
The Prioritizer
Liana Gorobchuk, Staff Reporter • December 29, 2020

Senior Yodit Amine and her family moved to Harrisonburg from East Africa when she was in fourth grade, however, learning a new culture was tough...

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