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SCA holds board member elections, 2024-2025 year
Jumana Alsaadoon, Online Managing Editor • April 16, 2024

The Student Council Association (SCA) is opening its annual board member elections. Students who are interested in running for a position need...

Envirothon team competes local competition
Jumana Alsaadoon, Online Managing Editor • April 16, 2024

The Envirothon team competed and placed third in forestry and a special topic, first in wildlife, first in the oral presentation and first place...

Chris Hulleman presents about how he and his wife works with data science.
Governor STEM Academy hosts biannual career fair
Edison Rattana, Staff Reporter • May 2, 2024

Every year, the Governors STEM Academy hosts a STEMinar each quarter. For the third quarter STEMinar, a Career Fair was held, allowing many guests to present their careers to the students at HHS. Senior Lucy Ludwig, the Special Events Coordinator for STEM, helped lead the process of preparing for the Career Fair. “As the Special Events Coordinator, I take the lead on which events we’re going to do, and who’s coming, and then I assign...

Mu Alpha Theta sponsor works while Junior Anastasia Gatsutsin studies for the SAT.
Mu Alpha Theta offers SAT/ACT tutoring
Matilde Lina Enciso, Staff Reporter • February 21, 2024
Sweet Joys Cakes and Desserts owner Naomi Joy Brazeil stands in front of her display of artificial flowers that she uses for cake decorations. I like having them up here, so we can see what we need. My aunt just came up here and helped me get something organized, Naomi Joy Brazeil said.
Sweet Joy’s Cakes and Desserts family bakery grows from foundations built throughout years
Jiayi Li, Yearbook Managing Editor • March 15, 2024

Sweet Joy's sweet history Sweet Joy’s Cakes and Desserts’ owner Naomi Joy Brazeil begins each week with 20 cake orders with each call, each online order, each in-person visit adding to that list. Working with a team of five, they follow through with their practiced motions of prepping, creating and delivering the cake. In one week, seven people may make 50 cakes. However, this small business began from even smaller beginnings.  Naomi...

Graphic by junior Farrah King-Hughes
OPINION: Fixations ruin people
Farrah King-Hughes, Page Editor • February 26, 2024

Constantly overthinking a topic, is not a rare concept. However, there is a line between healthy overthinking and obsession.  Obsession is never healthy, no matter how much a person may try to defend themself. If it gets to the point that someone sounds desperate to get their point across then it has reached the level of fixation. There are many ways people can define the word, Oxford Languages defines fixation as “having an obsessive...

A Church in Harrisonburg holds a potluck to break their fast after Ramadan.
Ramadan: The holiest month of the year
Hind Mousa, Guest Writer • April 28, 2023
Journalism is found in so many different aspects of your everyday life that you may not even realize.
Why is journalism so important?
Adrian Kavazovic, Print Editor-in-Chief • September 8, 2022
Freshman Kaylen De Los Santos cheering in JV football, Aug.30.
Black student-athletes share experiences, expectations in sports
Jumana Alsaadoon, Online Managing Editor • March 19, 2024

According to the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) demographics database in 2022, Black student-athletes were 16% of the student-athlete population. Black athletes continue to be the minority in most sports teams. Being the only Black athlete in a sport can push the student to feel...

the Newsstreak

The Newsstreak Issue 5 Vol.93 Senior Issue 2024 by Jumana AlSaadoon on Scribd

Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #19 (March 1, 2024)
Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #19 (March 1, 2024)
March 13, 2024

On episode #19, we hear from Lila about her experience with the creative arts, we get pumped with a little...

Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #18 (Feb. 23, 2024)
Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #18 (Feb. 23, 2024)
March 13, 2024

In episode #18, returner Louis Gibson welcomes new host Brady Shifflett to the anchor desk. We talk to...

Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #17 (Feb. 20, 2024)
Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #17 (Feb. 20, 2024)
March 13, 2024

On this special Tuesday episode, hosts Martha and Addison visit a robotics competition, they see if they...

Jan.8 the first Rockingham County School (RCPS) board meeting of the year was held at Rockingham County Administration Center. In the meeting the board announced the banning of 57 books which one of the board members, Hollie Cave had created. GRAPHIC BY JIAYI LI
Authors, community rally against school board banning 57 books
Jumana Alsaadoon, Online Managing Editor
Junior Joshua Saldana trains with the AD Alcorcon Academy in Spain. The experience has been like no other, Saldana said.
Saldana scouted by Spanish Academy, trains with Alcorcon in Spain
Clare Kirwan, Head Editor-in-Chief
Sophomore Sammy Abebe listens to his music.
Abebe produces and publishes music
Farrah King-Hughes, Page Editor • March 21, 2024

Sophomore Sammy Abebe started creating music in seventh grade. Music is a fun and inspirational outlet for Sammy. He likes producing his music...

The 81st Golden Globes awards ceremony took place Jan. 7. The Globes have been honoring artists and professionals in film and television for the past 79 years. This year the broadcast flopped, but the awards held sweeps from Oppenheimer, The Bear and Succession.
Golden Globes winners announced 1/7, awards season commences
Clare Kirwan, Head Editor-in-Chief • January 8, 2024

The 81st Golden Globes Awards Ceremony aired all across the globe at 8p.m. EST, Sunday, Jan. 7 . The Golden Globes have recognized American and...

Rosasco compiled her realism and abstract artworks together in a collage.
Wilson Downtown Gallery helps restore Harrisonburg’s art culture
Camryn Johnson, Jiayi Li, and Isabel Lewis August 21, 2023

Tucked away in the mountainside of Virginia, the college town of Harrisonburg is in the process of revamping its community by uplifting the arts,...

Graphic designer and co-founder of Earth Surprise Murals, Matt Leech paints a mural on the side of the Explore More Discovery Museum. Photo courtesy of Matt Leech
The Man: Leech creates mural, graphics for downtown Harrisonburg
Jumana Alsaadoon and Clare Kirwan August 21, 2023

The art scene has taken Harrisonburg by storm in the past 15 years, according to Jenny Burden, the director of the Arts Council of the Valley....

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March 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024
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March 13, 2024
Blue Streak Broadcasting Episode #18 (Feb. 23, 2024)
March 13, 2024
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