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If senior Caleb Goss was a literary device, he would be a juxtaposition. Simultaneously knowing everything about himself and yet nothing at all, Caleb sees himself cinematically sitting in a French cafe drinking a cup of coffee and daydreaming. Or maybe the cafe was Italian, or could it possibly be English? He’s an utterly hopeless romantic and must have more creamer in his decaf coffee than decaf coffee. Don’t forget to make it decaf. By the time his cup is empty, countless stories about the lives of strangers passing have been composed. Caleb also loves singing. It’s one of his favorite pastimes. It is best advised to stay away from Caleb when he is singing... no he’s not tone deaf, he’s just passionate. When he’s not belting "my future" by Billie Eilish, awkward dancing to Troye Sivan’s "STUD" or singing his heart's content to SZA’s "The Weekend," Caleb is usually hanging out with his friends. Oftentimes they’ll talk about how he’s 18 and doesn’t have his learner's permit, or how he’s the most picky eater in the world and very much judges a book by its cover when it comes to food: he won’t eat it if it smells, looks or tastes bad. Yep, you read that correctly. When Caleb isn’t lucid dreaming of picnics in the countryside of France/Italy/London, singing/listening along to music into endless hours of the night or being driven around by his friends, you can find him in silence having philosophical debates with himself and constantly wondering: why?

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Mendoza (center) takes picture with father (left) and her mother (right). “I am extremely grateful for my dad, because he really did sacrifice a lot. And, you know, he still made time for his kids. And he still made time for his wife. And he still made time for his grandkids, even when he was in a lot of pain. And even if part of him [thought] 'maybe I should just give up,' he didn't,” Mendoza said.

At 17, Mendoza navigates life without her father after losing him to COVID-19

February 2, 2021

She was in the snack aisle in Martins when she got the call from her sister. She had been deciding on whether or not she could have apple flavored GoGo squeeZs’ when she felt her heart drop. After returning...

Betsy Quimby has not always found making friends easy. Through her  teachers, family, and church community, Quimby has learned she can be a friend to others, and to herself.

The Friend

January 13, 2021

“I'm okay. I feel like a lot of stuff is just not going the way I wanted to play out,” Senior Betsy Quimby said.  Much like the rest of the world, Quimby’s everyday routine was flipped on its...

The Sunflower

January 12, 2021

She had never heard of a toothbrush. She had never seen snow or knew white people existed. What Dani T-Medhin did know was within Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. She knew the trees in the forest...

“Chicken and Little” Episode 2 – Holly Bill

December 6, 2020

In this episode, we interview senior Holly Bill about her weeks at school, how she's managing time, and what it's like being a student during a pandemic.

The cover to Troye Sivan's vinyl version of his new album.

Sivan’s “In a Dream,” one of best things to come out of quarantine

December 3, 2020

“Guys, we’re f**king doing this. Are we? We are… we’re leaking music.” After only six days into quarantine, Melbourne grown artist Troye Sivan took to Instagram live to announce that his first...

Students wash hands before taking part in baking homemade trail mix for their weekly

Lilly, Bocock stay optimistic in the face of COVID restrictions

November 24, 2020

“We miss our friends,” Special Education (SPED) teacher Stephanie Lilly said. What used to be a school filled with over 1,900 students is now a ghost town. With only a select group of students attending...

Wyatt poses in front of the JMU Dance building, she did a photo shoot with other freshman in the dance program.

Wyatt looks for personal growth as JMU goes online

October 27, 2020

Although there was uncertainty as to whether or not colleges would return for the 2020 fall semester, James Madison University decided to take the risk and begin classes Aug. 26. Upon arriving on campus...

“Chicken and Little” Episode 1 – Macy Swift

October 5, 2020

In this episode, we interview senior Macy Swift about her love for BTS and her thoughts on being an army. This episode was filmed prior to shutdowns caused by COVID-19.   

Chicken and Little

Chicken and Little

October 5, 2020

"Chicken and Little" is a podcast run by seniors Caleb Goss and Dani T Medhin. They both talk and tell stories about anything and everything regarding pop culture, politics and interviews with special...

Kid Krow, a nickname given to him by friends and the title of his debut album, has grown up now. Though not much has changed besides a record deal, relationships and millions of fans across the world chanting his name since the release of his EP, it is clear Gray has grown into himself as a distinct artist and has created a body of work where he is no longer reigning as the the prince of pop, but gunning for the king. You can get the vinyl at https://shop.conangray.com/

Gray exudes teen angst on debut album Kid Krow

September 15, 2020

Known on the internet for thrift halls and song covers, Conan Gray left his small town life in Georgetown, Texas to enroll in the University of California, Los Angeles in hopes to pursue music, where he...

Junior Sophia Yoder shows off fresh newly baked cupcakes in her spare time. “Baking is something I do to de-stress, and it’s also just a fun hobby. I figured selling the things I bake would be a great way to both do something that I love as well as help raise money for charities,” Yoder said.

Yoder turns passion for baking into activism

September 8, 2020

From a young age, Junior Sophia Yoder has “always loved baking”. After spending countless hours baking with her grandma when she was younger, Yoder began experimenting more with baking as she got older....

First 'issue' of my life in quarantine. A collection of photos documenting the past two months in quarantine.

A collection of photos and screenshots documenting the virtual months in isolation

May 27, 2020

When quarantine started, I expected it to only last two weeks, then life would continue. I’d be back at school ready to finish the fourth quarter and become a senior. Little did I know, at the time,...

Dance teacher Amber Corriston works with students in her Dance Company class.

Corriston adapts to online schooling, prepares for end-of-year showcase

April 11, 2020

With online learning in place, teachers have had to learn new ways to assign work to students. With this new learning comes challenges. For dance teacher Amber Corriston, the hardest part about online...

[Video] A day in the life: Quarantine edition

March 25, 2020

HHSMedia editors vlog their day being quarantined.

Junior Hayleigh Walton works on flashcards for her AP US History class during the mandatory closure of schools due to the  coronavirus. Walton has maintained a similar schedule to her school days over the break.

Walton adapts to at-home learning

March 19, 2020

In a statement issued March 13, Governor Ralph Northam announced that all schools in Virginia will be closed for the next two weeks. Moving to online, teachers now have to curate lessons for students,...

Sophomore Kolbie Czajkowski inspects her skin. Czajkowski has her own skin care routine that she has followed and has found it to help her skin.

Spears overcomes insecurities with acne scars, finds suitable skin care routine

March 4, 2020

Skin care: the Mt. Everest of self care. A copious task so varied that to a beginner, it feels as though reaching the peak of the mountain is a lifetime away. With so many different routines and products,...

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