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Lilly, Bocock stay optimistic in the face of COVID restrictions

Students wash hands before taking part in baking homemade trail mix for their weekly
Caleb Goss, Visual Content Editor in Chief November 24, 2020

“We miss our friends,” Special Education (SPED) teacher Stephanie Lilly said. What used to be a school filled with over 1,900 students is now a ghost town. With only a select group of students attending...

Hensley addresses difficulties, successes following Quarter 1, looks to future possibilities

(Photo taken March 17, 2020) Principal Melissa Hensley assists with meal distribution to families. Since lockdown began, bagged meals have been provided for Harrisonburg City Public Schools students.
Holly Bill, Head Editor in Chief November 23, 2020

In her second year at Harrisonburg High School, Principal Melissa Hensley had to pivot from managing an overcrowded school building to administering nearly 1,900 students spread across the city from her...

Horizons Edge Provides Opportunities to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Area

Horizons Edge Sports Campus officially opened Jan. 18, 2020.
Maya Waid, Sports Editor in Chief November 18, 2020

Prior to January of 2020, residents in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County area would find the best opportunity to play group sports at a local park. A majority of the athletes in the area found...

A day in the life of sophomore William Kyle

Kyle dives for the ball during one of his many practices.
Soraya Kaussler, Staff Reporter November 17, 2020

Sophomore William Kyle spends most of his afternoons playing tennis. He starts off his day at around 7:15 a.m. eats breakfast and starts his classes for the day. He is currently taking Spanish 3, Econ,...

Polishchuk, Lagoda develop new hobbies during quarantine

Lagoda practices portraiture by drawing a face. She plans to pursue a career in Architecture.
Liana Gorobchuk, Staff Reporter November 13, 2020

New hobbies and interests became more of an option for students during quarantine because there has been lots of time to spare at home. Freshman Sulamita Lagoda and sophomore Evelyn Polishchuk have...

Virtual school spurs family travel

Freshman Olivia Eberly hikes in North Carolina with her family. She does most of her activities on Wednesday's when she doesn't have school.
Caryanne Shaw, Staff Reporter November 12, 2020

Whether students are in Harrisonburg or all the way around the world, online learning provides them an opportunity to continue their education regardless of their location. Freshmen Olivia Eberly and...

King finds unique ways to stay connected to friends during pandemic

King paints dinosaurs outside socially distanced with a friend.
Clare Kirwan, Staff Reporter November 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped families and friends from getting together, but junior Olivia King has found creative ways to stay connected to her friends. Through goodies, letters and participating...

“Among Us” becomes popular video game during quarantine

This is the first screen you see when you open the Among Us app.
Ulysses Campise, Staff Reporter November 10, 2020

Video games have been a part of people's lives since the first game “Pong” came out in late 1972. As video games have evolved throughout the years, many of the first popular games were in arcades,...

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School students reflect on the different learning style provided

Junior Kate Kirwan works on an environmental map for an AP environmental science class assignment.
Clare Kirwan, Staff Reporter November 9, 2020

The Massanutten Regional Governor’s School for Integrated Environmental Science and Technology (MRGS) is a seperate school that some students at Harrisonburg High School attend. In order to attend, students...

Harrisonburg businesses start recovery from gas leak explosion

Due to the explosion, all buildings apart of the strip mall on Miller Circle were burned down. One of the businesses that was burned down was Naza Salon & Barber Shop.
Rachel Phengsitthy, Social Media Managing Editor October 30, 2020

October 17, 2020 at approximately 8:30 a.m., an explosion caused by a natural gas leak occurred on Miller Circle in Harrisonburg VA, leaving five people injured in addition to damage to a strip mall. The...

Wyatt looks for personal growth as JMU goes online

Wyatt poses in front of the JMU Dance building, she did a photo shoot with other freshman in the dance program.
Caleb Goss, Visual Content Editor in Chief October 27, 2020

Although there was uncertainty as to whether or not colleges would return for the 2020 fall semester, James Madison University decided to take the risk and begin classes Aug. 26. Upon arriving on campus...

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