Ethan Swift

Senior Jazen Walker blows past his defender to go up for a layup during the a home game in the 2019-2020 season.

Jazen Walker

Q: Can you describe your favorite memory/moment in your sport?

A: “My favorite moment [is] last year in the semifinals against Spotswood [highschool], when I had the game winning bucket. It was crazy, hearing the crowd roaring and all my teammates running and jumping on me.” 

Q: What is your biggest takeaway that you have learned playing basketball?

A: “Don’t take anything for granted because anything can happen.” 

Q: Can you describe a challenge you overcame in your sport and how you moved on? 

A: “My biggest challenge came my sophomore year. [It was] my first year on varsity [and] I wasn’t really in the weight room so everyone was physically stronger than me. Once I realized it, I started to lift a lot more.” 

Q: How have you grown in the past years of playing? 

A: “[I’ve] just been getting in the gym a lot more than usual.”

Q: How has your experience in your sport contributed to who you are now? 

A: “It actually keeps me happy, being around my teammates and coaches at practice has to be the main reason.”

Q: How long have you been playing basketball for? 

A: I started playing basketball in the second grade.  

Q: Why did you choose to play basketball?  

A: “It was just something I was interested in watching as a kid. I love the game of basketball.”

Q: If you remember, What is your highest dropped points in a game or an average? 

A: “The most I ever scored was my freshman year at an AAU tournament. I [scored] thirty.” 

Q: Do you see basketball as part of your future? 

A: “Yes, I plan on playing for the rest of my life.” 

Q: Do you play anywhere else other than HHS? If so, what teams? 

A: “Yes, I play for an AAU team called ‘Lace ‘em Up’” 

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