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Senior Korry Sochacki left) standing with her track friends.

Korry Sochacki

Senior Korry Sochacki has done indoor track for the past one and a half years. Unfortunately, the pandemic has canceled all winter sports, but that hasn’t stopped Sochacki from reflecting on her experience as an indoor track athlete.

Sochacki joined track as a sophomore after being convinced by her friends to try it out.

I decided to start track because I did track in eighth grade. I got hurt when I was doing gymnastics, so I couldn’t do sports for a while and then my friends convinced me to do track. I decided to do track, and I fell in love with the sport all over again,” Sochacki said.

One of Sochacki’s favorite things about track was the bonds she formed with other girls on the team.

“I have so many memories with my team and with my coach that I can’t even begin to take apart which one my favorite memory was. [However,] I think one of my favorites was when Aaliyah Jordan and Mikaela O’Fallon were on the team, and me, Mikaela O’Fallon, Aaliyah Jordan and Ashley Iscoa had a little group and we just had so much fun together,” Sochaki said.

Sochacki also enjoyed the track events, competing most frequently in the triple jump and hurdles.

“I like triple jump and hurdles because it is challenging and it [takes] that focus and dedication. I like how independent it is,” Sochacki said.

Despite loving indoor track, Sochacki found it difficult to balance school and the sport.

“A challenge I had to overcome was school. Balancing school with track was really hard for me, but I did my best and I tried my hardest. Staying after school and balancing track and getting good grades, [was my biggest challenge],” Sochacki said.

Though Sochacki had to overcome challenges, she feels that the experience helped her grow mentally and physically.

Over these past years I’ve grown from track. Even though it seems like a long amount of time, it feels like a short time. I’ve grown obviously physically in the sport but also mentally by seeing where my mindset [has changed], how I’m going to do in my events, how not to be so nervous and how to change my mindset with things,” Sochacki said.

Sochacki also feels track has shaped her and has given her the experience to grow from others on the team.

My track experience has contributed to who I am and shaped who I am. I have learned from track and my teammates and they’ve been role models for me so I learned from them. [Even] outside of track, we’ve learned and grown and everything’s a learning experience,” Sochacki said.

Sochacki’s biggest takeaway from indoor track was learning patience.

“The biggest takeaway I’ve had from track is learning to be patient and learning to take my time with things and [learning] that not everything is going to come to me the first time or first try,” Sochacki said.

Sochacki believes that track is an all around positive experience and is something she encourages others to do.

One thing I would like to add is that I feel like everybody should at least try track one year, indoor or outdoor. It doesn’t matter which one because the whole team is literally a family, and it’s an experience to have. I feel like it’s one of the sports everyone should try because it’s actually so fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re slow or fast, there are events for everybody,” Sochacki said.

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