The Prioritizer


Senior Yodit Amine and her family moved to Harrisonburg from East Africa when she was in fourth grade, however, learning a new culture was tough for Amine.

“I have a big family. [That includes] five sisters and three brothers, which is a lot. We are from Eritrea, East Africa. We came here eight years ago, and adapting to the new culture has been really difficult, but we managed to handle it. Also, two of my younger siblings were born here,” Amine said.

Amine’s family kept a close relationship during their struggle to legally move to the United States.

My family came here with an immigration process that my father did for my siblings, mother and I. It was a long process and rugged path, but we were fortunate enough to make it this far [because] the process is long and sometimes hopeless. My family and I have a very close relationship with one another and love having family time,” Amine said. 

After moving here from a different country, Amine had to change schools as well. 

“Transitioning from high school was really different and difficult to adjust. I didn’t like it, so that was definitely different,” Amine said.

Amine is interested in exercising and working out. She was even part of the cross country and track teams her freshman year. Now, whenever she has some spare time left in her day, she will exercise. 

“I like the way exercising and working out makes me feel. When I’m stressed, it helps me manage that. It makes me tired, but it makes me feel good. I like sweating and being able to feel strong. Some people just exercise to lose weight or whatever, but just being strong [feels] good,” Amine said. 

Although she thoroughly enjoyed running, she couldn’t continue doing it because she decided to prioritize her family. Being on a team was able to teach her leadership and teamwork skills.

I like running and wish I could’ve continued running in the past with my great teammates. My teammates were also some of my close friends that I could count on whenever necessary. It was definitely a unique team that helped me realize what it really means to be part of a team and work together for the good of everyone,” Amine said. 

As what typically happens, Amine has changed as a person for the better, throughout her high school career. 

“I’ve changed, and I’ve become a different person. I’ve definitely grown. I’ve grown [into] myself more. Also, I learn the things that best worked out for me. I need to do what’s best for me, basically,” Amine said.

The pandemic has helped Amine find a lot more time for herself and family; however, it took away some of the things she enjoyed doing outside of the house.

“It has given me time to care for myself and spend more time with family. [However, it has] taken away opportunities for me to go out with my friends and to do more things outside of the house,” Amine said.

Amine advises students to get their work done right away and not to procrastinate their work. She wants others to not be afraid to challenge themselves and take harder classes in high school. 

“Do not procrastinate because if you procrastinate, the workload will be a lot bigger. Also work hard. You can’t get a good [at] something without obstacles in the way. Obstacles are the process,” Amine said, “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to take the [hard] classes because you can handle it. It may seem scary at first, but you can definitely handle it, and there’s always hope so challenge yourself and make new friends.”