The Player


Amira Lucas.

Lucas does her homework at her desk in her new room.

Caryanne Shaw, Staff Reporter

Never able to find her niche in high school, senior Amira Lucas gravitated towards many different interests and people throughout her high school experience.

“I don’t really stick with one type. I can be nerdy and smart, or a jock, or the class clown. Over the years I’ve found a bunch of different friend groups that I can relate to in one of those aspects,” Lucas said.

One of Lucas main interests is soccer. She has been playing on a travel team since the age of 12 and has been on the girls varsity team since her freshman year.

“I have gone to multiple camps and soccer clinics to improve my skills and get noticed by coaches. My goal is to go to college to play soccer,” Lucas said.

Although Lucas enjoys soccer and has played it for a while now, she doesn’t plan to pursue soccer as a career. 

“I plan to do soccer for fun, not really for a career. I’m not looking to go pro or anything, [but] I definitely want to use my knowledge for my future career, Lucas said.

Lucas’s other big interest is math and science. She is thinking about majoring in the sciences for college, but isn’t sure yet. In the near future, she hopes to focus more on the sciences, than the humanities. She enjoys the fact that there is one definitive answer in math and science.

“I am particularly interested in the sciences in school. I’ve always been naturally good at math and science and it interests me more than English ever did” Lucas said.

This semester, she is not in any math or sciences classes, but is taking AP Statistics and Physics Honors next semester. For now she is just focusing on school and soccer. 

“[I’m] just [focused on] keeping my grades up and getting my GPA up for college and also soccer to improve my skills for tournaments and being scouted,” Lucas said.

Like many others, COVID-19 has changed parts of Lucas’s life, including soccer.

“Since COVID happened, there have been less games because if one person gets COVID, then the whole team has to quarantine. We [also] have to wear masks and stay distanced when we’re not playing on the field,” Lucas said.

Although there have been down-sides to the pandemic for Lucas, she made the best of it by redecorating her room during quarantine. 

“It looks completely different from what it used to look like. I am now a senior, about to be a legal adult, and I thought having purple walls, messy shelves, and a small twin size bed was a little childish. So as I grew up, my room had to change and mature with me. It now has white walls, a king size bed, a desk and it’s all around more organized,” Lucas said.