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Junior Hayden Kirwan sprints the final stretch of the Varsity A boys race. Kirwan finished 28th overall and first for the boys team, with a personal best of 17:31.

Hayden Kirwan

Q: Favorite memory from track?

A: I really enjoyed going to Liberty University because it’s usually really packed, and the races can get really crazy.


Q: What has this sport taught you?

A: It has taught me a great routine and a great way to stay in shape that hopefully, I can take to college with me.


Q: How has this sport changed you as a person? 

A: I think track has definitely given me lots of great opportunities, and I’ve really enjoyed the friends that I’ve gotten to make. It has given me great leadership opportunities to bring new people in. I’ve also learned that the process is more important than the outcome and to find a balance between working hard and having fun while doing the process.


Q: When did you start running track?

A: I started officially running track in 6th grade, but I’ve been running since third grade, and I’ve been running with the high school for the past four years.


Q: What do you normally do in the offseason to stay in shape?

A: In the summer, I do a month of running on my own like distance running [as well as] build a good and strong base. In July, the team gets together and we do gym practices as well as workouts.


Q: What would you say is the most fun part of running track?

A: I really enjoy going on long distance runs whether that’s going out in the county or just exploring Harrisonburg. It has been really fun.


Q:What was your reaction to when they cancelled the season?

A: I was definitely disappointed, but I did feel like it was the right move to keep everyone safe.


Q: What are some of your accomplishments?

A: I was happy that our team won City-County my freshman year, and I was able to be a state qualifier and All-District my junior year. I’ve also gotten the chance to go to states and run the indoor and outdoor with the 4×8 [relay] team.


Q: Tell me about your coaches and how they have affected you?

A: I’ve really enjoyed having both Coach Denlinger and Coach Hertzler. They are always great to see, and have taught me a good work ethic and to keep pushing forward to your goals.


Q: What types of races do you partake in?

A: My favorite [race] is the two mile, which is the longest race, and I run the mile as well as the 4 by 8.


Q: What advice would you give younger runners or even athletes about highschool sports or track?

A: I would say to enjoy it. If you’re going to do a sport in high school, it definitely shouldn’t be stressful; however, still work hard and enjoy the process of getting better because highschool goes fast so enjoy it while you’re in it.”


Q: Did you always want to run track?

A: I always definitely had track in my mind. When I was in 3rd grade, I ran my first 5k, and from there, I was hooked.


Q: Have you gotten the chance to teach the younger runners?

A: Yeah, definitely. It’s been really fun incorporating new team members and helping them get up to speed on what we do as a team. It has been really fun to see improvement.”

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