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Caleb Goss
Caleb Goss is a junior at Harrisonburg High School and is an editor for his school’s newspaper: Newsstreak. After spending a lot of his childhood moving from place to place, Caleb dreams of the day he can read a good book in a French cafe, boat under the bridges of Venice, Italy and visit the Colosseum of Rome, as he loves to travel. Along with traveling, Caleb loves listening and singing to music. Caleb cannot sing or dance, but that’s fine, he’s accepted it. You can find him belting the chorus to “listen before I go” by Billie Eilish and jamming to “Lucky Strike” by Troye Sivan. Though he has never done proper karaoke, Caleb fantasizes about going to a karaoke bar where he’ll be scouted and signed to a major record label. Again, Caleb can not sing… Caleb is a picky eater. He very much judges a book by its cover when it comes to food as he won’t eat it if it smells, looks or tastes bad. When Caleb isn’t dreaming, listening to music or showing up late to school, you can find him giving unreciprocated love to his dog, being driven around by his friends, as he’s seventeen without his learner’s permit, and spending endless hours in silence questioning everything.  

Caleb Goss, Editor

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