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Students explore new artistic hobbies in quarantine

A piece that freshman Linnea Siderhurst has created during quarantine.

Lily Fleming, Page Editor

May 26, 2020

While in quarantine, seeing friends, going to the mall and playing sports with others is not an option, so students are finding new ways to occupy their time. Trying and learning new things is making isolation a lot more bearable for many, including sophomore Zoelle Bleazard “Before all of this...

Seefried starts Twitch streaming during quarantine

Senior Jacob Seefried streams League of Legends duo queue ranked with junior Alex Macauley.

Sid Tandel, Photography Editor in Chief

May 21, 2020

To account for lost time spent with friends during the absence of school, senior Jacob Seefried has started streaming on Twitch with other students at HHS. Through streaming, Seefried has continued his friendships outside of school through video games. “I started streaming during quarantine bec...

Freshmen reflect on school closure

Freshman Palmer Hall stands at the top of the staircase after riding up Campbell Street in Harrisonburg on his bike.

Kasey Thompson, Staff Reporter

May 19, 2020

COVID-19 has taken something from everyone. Freshman Palmer Hall believes the pandemic will affect his sophomore year in a negative way.  “I think missing [the end] of my freshman year will affect next year because we will miss a lot that we should have learned at the end of the year. We migh...

Khoshnaw adapts to online learning

Everyone learns differently. Some people can't do online learning because they are so used to teachers teaching. A lot of students don’t know how to teach themselves. “Online is easy and hard. Some parts of it are easy, but some of it isn't because I don’t like to teach myself the material,” Khoshnaw said. 

Assma Ali

May 11, 2020

Senior Prusha Khoshnaw  is in the Blue Ridge Scholars program. She is working on her associate degree. The coronavirus has impacted everyone in the world. With the coronavirus all the schools and universities have moved their learning online. Just like Blue Ridge Community College.  “...

Gotay continues working, emphasizes staying home

Gotay is required to wear protective equipment like a mask and gloves while working with the residents at Bridgewater Retirement Community.

Riley Thompson, Staff Reporter

May 11, 2020

Junior Nissi Gotay works at Bridgewater Retirement home as a Certified Nurse Assistant, and despite the coronavirus pandemic, she is still regularly working. Working now is much different than working there regularly due to the amount of precautions they have to take in order to keep the residents hea...

Green participates in the arts as extracurriculars

Junior Javion Green dances on stage in the auditorium. Green's favorite type of dance is modern.

Toby Corriston, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2020

Involved in multiple extracurriculars like musical, color guard and dance, junior Javion Green describes himself as funny, outgoing, crazy and kind. Green believes his personality traits are a result of the many people he's around on a day-to-day basis. “I feel my strengths are caring for other ...

Class of 2023 perspective on Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine

Kasey Thompson, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken something from everyone. The class of 2023, the freshman, lost their first year of high school. Freshman Palmer Hall thinks the pandemic will definitely affect his sophomore year and not in a positive way.  “I think missing [the end] of my freshman yea...

Rath experiences vegan lifestyle during quarantine

One of Rath's favorite vegan recipe, chickpea curry stew with kale.

Rachel Phengsitthy, Social Media Managing Editor

May 9, 2020

During this quarantine, Keister Elementary School kindergarten teacher Nicole Rath plans on making her family’s favorite recipes with her family after recently changing her lifestyle to vegan.  “Personally, [this quarantine] is a nice mental break, and a nice time to spend with family and ...

Teen phone addiction becomes problematic in schools

This is an example of the average teen's screen time throughout the week.

Mia Constantin, Print Editor in Chief

May 8, 2020

A recent study by the Pew institute found that around 50% of all teens are addicted to their electronic devices, more specifically their smartphones. This percentage also comes from teens admitting that they feel “addicted to their devices,” there is a much higher percentage of parents that feel a...

Burzumato makes masks for community, healthcare workers

Senior Lizzy Burzumato is doing her part to help healthcare workers and the community by making face masks.

Assma Ali

May 6, 2020

With COVID-19 shutting down all school systems and posing a public health threat, senior Lizzy Burzumato and her mom are making masks for people in need. In some of her spare time though, Burzumato, along with other students, has focused on keeping in touch with friends. “I’m doing the best I can, just trying to stay positive and keeping in touch wi...

Muncy uses quarantine to redecorate room

Muncy's room after painting, redecorating and rearranging her furniture.

Aurora Lindstrom, Staff Reporter

May 5, 2020

Sophomore Ellie Muncy took quarantine as an opportunity to redo her room, which she has been wanting to do since last summer. Muncy had grown out of her pink walls that were done when she was eleven years old.  “I used to have a bright pink room [that] I decided to paint when I was around 11 years o...

Lewis continues Boy Scouts through online classes

Lewis continues Boy Scouts through online classes

Simon Beach, Editor

May 5, 2020

Freshman Steven Lewis is one example of the many people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Lewis started doing Boy Scouts because his dad was an Eagle Scout. Lewis has been part of Boy Scouts for the last two years, and he has been unable to meet with his troop or do any other activities because of...

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