Sprite Cranberry is better than normal sprite

Calvin Riley, Staff Reporter

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It’s the thirstiest time of the year! Don’t believe people telling you that new Sprite Cranberry just repackaged sprite, it’s so much more.

Some people seem to think that Sprite Cranberry is just a marketing stunt and that it tastes almost exactly the same as normal sprite. I must disagree. Sprite cranberry is by far my favorite sprite product yet, and I had some even before the advertisement became a meme. (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/kusUU7k7_QA/maxresdefault.jpg)

Some think that the only reason people like it more is because it’s “popular,” “a meme,” or “new.” They’re wrong.

It smells like cranberry. It tastes like cranberry. It’s delicious.”

Sprite cranberry, to me and to many others, is one of the best sprite products ever made. It’s taste is really good compared to other sodas. It smells like cranberry. It tastes like cranberry. It’s delicious. Some people have even made memes and “Deep-Fried” edits, ones that are super loud and distorted.

I’ve seen people say that it just smells like cranberry and has no real flavoring difference. Again, they’re wrong. People say they would be “floored,” or “astonished,” if someone could tell the difference between cranberry sprite and normal sprite blindfolded. Sit me down anytime with a bottle of each. I’ll tell you in seconds.

The flavor isn’t supposed to be strong, it’s meant to be a hint of cranberry, not taste like cranberry juice. Although it tastes similar to normal sprite because of the fact that it is sprite, it’s flavor is iconic and delicious.

Sprite Cranberry, with amazing advertising and taste, it definitely a must try for everyone. I’d pay more than one dollar for a two liter of this, given the fact that it’s particularly hard to find. It’s one of my favorite sodas, and is an amazing product.


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