Sprite cranberry is just Sprite repackaged

Ilana Mattson, Feature Editor

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Is it really the thirstiest time of the year or are you just fooling yourself?

It’s possible you’ve already come across it in one if its many forms. A meme, a can, a holiday commercial with LeBron James advertising “the thirstiest time of the year.” Whether you’ve seen Sprite Cranberry, drank it or have never heard of it, it’s a very overrated holiday drink.

Is it really the thirstiest time of the year or are you just fooling yourself?”

Sprite cranberry hardly even has a different flavor from regular, year-round Sprite, even if the holiday, cranberry edition has a different scent. Quite frankly, if you offered someone who is utterly crazy and in love with Sprite cranberry a regular Sprite and they could tell the difference, I would be floored. The flavors are so similar that the “cranberry” flavor doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from a cranberry colored package.

I’ll give one point to Sprite cranberry by saying that it’s a very good marketing tactic. The hype that’s been created has convinced so many people, including myself, to try this worthless soft drink. In addition to the holiday excitement it alludes to, the drink has been made into a meme, among which includes a “crispy”, particularly loud edit of the commercial.

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All in all, it’s not worth it to spend a whole dollar on a two liter bottle of this garbage “cranberry” flavored Sprite which doesn’t even offer anything new or interesting. I regret wasting my time drinking a two liter bottle of this soda in order to try a new flavor that almost everyone else is raving about.

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