Q&A with Sloane Spears


Q: What middle school did you go to?

A: “I homeschooled until eighth grade, and then I transferred to Skyline Middle School.”

Q: What was going from being homeschool to public schools like for you?

A: “My mom taught me everything I needed to know for school.”

Q: Was it hard socially to go from homeschooling to public schools?

A: “I had no problem fitting in after I transferred to public school.”

Q: What was the transition from middle school to high school like?

A: “I feel like I get more independence and responsibility in high school than I did before.”

Q: Are the classes here harder or more stressful?

A: “Not right now, but they might get harder as the year goes on.”

Q: What kind of activities do you do outside of school?

A: “I enjoy biking and running cross country.”

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