Q&A with Ethan Knicely


Calvin Riley

Q: Have you lived in any other country?

A: “No, I have not.”

Q: If you could switch any class, which one it be and why?

A: “I’m not unhappy with any of my classes, but not necessarily happy either.”

Q: What is your opinion on the current Fortnite disease? Are you addicted?

A: “I think Fortnite is absolutely disgusting and overhyped. It should die off in about five months, just like fidget spinners. I’m not addicted.”

Q: Do you participate in any sports?

A: “No, I do not.”

Q: Are you in any after school activities?

A: “No, I have no after school activities.”

Q: What do you do in your free time at home?

A: “Read, play video games and watch TV.”

Q: Favorite TV or anime?

A: “Overlord.”

Q: Favorite subject?

A: “Science.”

Q: How do you feel about starting high school?
A: “It’s okay, getting around was hard at first, but I’m fine now.”

Q: Are you scared or intimidated about high school and maybe college?

A: “Not really, not yet anyway.”

Q: Do you play video games?

A: “Yes, all the time.”

Q: Favorite game?

A: “The Last of Us.”

Q: Why is that your favorite game?

A: “The story and gameplay are pretty good. [It’s] Like watching a really good movie.”

Q: Any cool or unique things about you?

A: “Not really much about me”

Q: Any siblings?
A: “[I have a] half sibling”

Q: Do you like having siblings? Is it annoying having siblings?

A: “It can be trying at times.”

Q: How do you like your teachers?

A: “No complaints so far.”

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