Q&A with Dara Martin

Q: What subject are you most interested in?

A: “Either English or Theatre.”

Q: Do you play any instruments?

A: “I play the ukulele and guitar.”

Q: Have you ever taken choir?

A: “I’ve taken choir all throughout elementary and middle school.”

Q: Have you been in the Shenandoah Children’s Choir?

A: “I was for a couple of years, but not anymore.”

Q: How long have you been into the arts?

A: “I’ve done ten musicals throughout my whole life, so I’ve done music pretty much my whole life.”

Q: Would you like to be involved in theatre once you graduate high school? If so, why?

A: “Probably, I think that would be fun to have as a job.”

Q: How has high school been for you?

A: “Pretty good so far, I’ve only gotten lost once.”

Q: Have you been surprised by anything in high school?

A: “This is going to sound bad, but how nice everyone is. I was expecting everyone to be antisocial.”

Q: Is there anything you have been scared for this year, but happy that you have tried?
A: “I guess theatre. I wasn’t sure how theatre was going to go, but it’s actually one of my favorite classes.”

Q: How long have you been singing?

A: “As long as I can remember.”

Q: How long have you been playing ukulele?

A: “About two years.”

Q: How long have you been playing guitar?

A: “About three years.”

Q: What musicals have you been in?

A: “I have been in a lot, but my three middle school ones were The Lion King, Once Upon a Mattress, which is kind of like The Princess and the Pea and then Beauty and the Beast.”

Q: What middle school have you performed at?

A: “Cornerstone, a private school.”

Q: What roles have you played in the three musicals from Cornerstone?

A: “In the Lion King in sixth grade I was Lioness. In Once Upon a Mattress, I was Lucia, which isn’t a main role but it wasn’t part of an ensemble, it was a speaking role. In Beauty and the Beast, I was Mrs. Potts.”

Q: Have you played any sports?

A: “I did soccer in elementary school and volleyball in middle school.”

Q: Why did you stop volleyball?

A: “In high school I wanted to focus more in theatre than in volleyball.”

Q: If you were to choose a different career other than theatre, what would it be?

A: “I volunteered at the SPCA, and I really like to help animals, so one job that I thought would be fun would be a service dog trainer.”

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