Q&A with Olivia King


Q: How is high school measuring up to your expectations?

A: “Well, it’s pretty good. I kind of expected to hate high school,but it’s not that bad because I have a lot of friends in my classes.”

Q: Why were you expecting to hate it?

A: “Probably just because I watch a lot of high school movies and it’s not very good. So that’s where that came from.”

Q: What’s the movie that shaped your perspective the most?

A: “I don’t know. I don’t think I have a specific one. Just anything that’s on Netflix or something.”

Q: What has made your transition from middle school to high school easier?

A: “Well I did make the JV soccer team last year, so that kind of helped me have some people to know in the school. Also, my brother and my sister both came to this school, so they kind of set a reputation for me so I know a lot of the older teachers.”

Q: How does it feel to have your siblings’ legacies to live up to?

A: “Isaiah, my brother, is super super smart, so I’m not sure I could live up to his smartness. It’s kind of nice to have people looking out for me in the school even though I don’t know who they are, but they know who I am.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in four years when you’re a senior? Where would you want to be?

A: “Definitely graduating. I don’t really have a certain plan, but I know that I want to play soccer.”

Q: Would you say that’s something you might want to do past high school?

A: “Yeah, I might want to play college soccer.”

Q: Why does soccer appeal to you so much?

A: “I just love the sport so much; and I’ve played it ever since I was little and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.”

Q: What would you say is the trait that makes you most unique?

A: “I’m very friendly and I like to help people in the class. So just today I was trying to explain something to my friend and then some random people came up and said, ‘Hey, can you help me with this?’ And I was like, ‘Sure, just make sure you understand what’s going on in the classroom.’”

Q: If you could give your future self, like when you’re graduating, a message, what would you say?

A: “Oh, that is a tough one. To make sure I’m very organized, because right now I’m trying to make sure I get all of my classes in so that as a senior I don’t have to worry about it and all I have to worry about is knowing where I want to go.”

Q: What would your ideal highschool life look like? If you could plan it out?

A: “Having many friends, and making the soccer team and hopefully the indoor track team and just enjoying high school.”

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