Q&A with Maddie McCay

Q: How did you get into swimming?

A: “My mom put me in a summer league team so I could learn how to swim when I was six.”

Q: Were you good from the start?

A: “No, I was not, I was terrible when I started.”

Q: Explain some stories about your first experiences with swimming.

A: “My first race was a 25 freestyle, but I did 25 doggy paddle instead, that’s the earliest memory.”

Q: How old were you when you started to get good?

A: ”Eight or nine, maybe 10.”

Q: Do you still swim summer league or have you moved on to other leagues?

A: “I swim both the year round team, which is VAST, [Valley Area Swim Team] and I swim summer league for Westover Waves.”

Q: How far do you think swimming will take you?

A: “College probably.”

Q:  How do you fit in other aspects of your life?

A: “I don’t really, I used to take drum lessons but not anymore.”

Q: From what I’ve seen, you coached swimming. Tell me about coaching.

A: “I coach eight [year olds] and under over the summer. Some of the kids don’t listen. I love coaching because seeing kids race makes me proud seeing what they can do.”

Q: Was there anyone you felt improved because of you?

A: “Kind of, we had multiple coaches in one lane, so it was kind of like a group thing.”

Q: Is coaching something you would be interested in later on, and why?

A: “Yes, I just like helping kids enjoy swimming and learn how to swim, I think it’s fun watching them be successful.

Q: If swimming doesn’t work out, what do you plan on doing in life after college

A: “I’ll stop swimming, get a job, regular stuff. Actually have a life.”

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