Q&A with Luke Tao


Q: What’s your favorite thing about high school so far?

A: “I can’t say I get to see my friends, because I don’t, but my favorite part probably is that it’s just like middle school.”

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: “Well right now, I’m trying to make a program for flash cards so I don’t have to make them in real life, so I guess you could say coding or reading.”

Q: What do you want to do in your future?

A: “I’m not exactly sure, but I might do something along the lines of programming.”

Q: Yeah, that would be really cool. What’s your favorite class, and why?

A: “Right now my favorite class is probably [precalculus], because I actually get to see some of my friends there.”

Q: So what type of person are you? Describe yourself in three words, and why you chose those three words.

A: “Annoying, I’m pretty annoying, that’s what everyone says. Smart, because that’s also what everyone says. I really don’t know another word, I guess I’d say ‘troverted’ because I’m not really sure whether I’m introverted or extroverted.”

Q: What are some skills you have?

A: “I can write really basic programs. I can do some cardistry. It’s just like card, and then artistry, it’s pretty self-explanatory.”

Q: So do you do tricks or just mess around with the cards and improve your finger dexterity?

A: “Yeah it really helps with that, and I sometimes do magic tricks, but not really. I’m trying to learn magic right now.”

Q: Don’t cardistry and magic tricks go hand in hand?

A: “Well, cardistry really came from that, but they’re trying to distance themselves from magic right now, getting a cult. Magicians used to use a fan or something to show that all the cards are different, or shuffled. In cardistry, I’ll do a thing just because it looks cool.”

Q: True, it does look cool. Alright, so what are some characteristics that you value most in others and why?

A: “So it’s really important that they’re friendly; if [they’re] not friendly, I’m never going to be friends with them. It’s also pretty nice when they’re funny, obviously. They should have a sense of humor. Other than that, I don’t really care that much, as long as they’re friendly and funny it’s fine. Even if they’re not funny I’ll be friends with them.”

Q: What is your least favorite thing about high school?

A: “The classes are incredibly boring, especially AP Computer Science.”

Q: Are you planning on joining any clubs or are you in any, and why?

A: “I might do the robotics club, I heard there is a math club and a computer science club. I don’t know, I might do art too, I’m not sure… There is also tabletop games club I might do.”

Q: Yeah, I’ve done that a couple times. It’s pretty fun. So what is a passion that you have?

A: “I guess I can say Computer Science, because right now it’s the main thing I do, but I kind of change the main thing I do a lot. A while back I used to do origami as my main thing.”

Q: If you could change something about high school, what would you change and why?

A: “I’d switch some of the teachers, because they’re really boring. Some of the teachers are actually really nice. My biology teacher, he makes the classes really interesting.”

Q: That’s good. Biology is pretty cool. How do you feel about the overcrowding of the school?

A: “It actually doesn’t feel that crowded, except for when I’m in the hallways and I’m trying to get to my next class. There’s always enough time, so it’s fine.”

Q: That’s a pretty optimistic answer! So what is something freshmen want to know about high school?

A: “I really can’t think of anything I need to know. If you asked one day earlier I would have asked when I’m getting my chromebook, but they just gave me my form today.”

Q: What is one strength and one weakness about you?

A: “I guess you could say I’m smart-ish. For weakness, my social skills are nonexistent.”

Q: If you say so! What accomplishments are you most proud of, and why?

A: “Most of the time I’ll be proud of something I wanted to do and I pulled it off. I was really proud when I made my first game. That’s pretty nice.”

Q: That’s really cool! I would be proud too if I made a game. Okay, so if you could work somewhere, in Harrisonburg or the surrounding areas, where you work and why?

A: “During high school, I’d want to work a really flexible job where I could show up and not show up. Maybe McDonalds or something. When I grow up, I really want to move to California, it’s really nice there, but the housing prices are insane.”

Q: So if you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

A: “I would not play games like the whole time. I’m pretty sure that’s what other people would say. I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to learn, but I never have time and never get around to doing it. I want to learn how to use AutoHotkey and Audacity.”

Q: That’s a really good answer, and I can relate to that. So what game or movie universe would you most like to live in?

A: “Well, I wouldn’t like to live in a warzone, so I’m going to avoid all the movies and stuff about fighting. My favorite book series is Artemis Fowl. The world is literally our world but with fairies, so it’s not that different, I might as well live there.”

Q: Haha, I like that series too. Alright, so what is something that a ton of people are obsessed with, but you just don’t get the point of?

A: “Fortnite. I’ve played it, and it’s just not fun- I don’t know how else to say it.”

Q: Well, I think that about wraps it up, thanks for your time!

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