Q&A with Arjun Kunver


Q: What after school activities are you involved with?

A: “I do band after school.”

Q: Why was band appealing to you?

A: “Well I have been doing it since sixth grade and it was just fun.”

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: “I play the Baritone saxophone. “

Q: Where were you born?

A: “West Hartford Connecticut.”

Q: What brought you to Harrisonburg?

A: “I don’t know, my parents just wanted to come here.”

Q: How old were you when you moved here?

A: “About two [years old].”

Q: What schools have you attended?

A: “I went to Stone Spring, then Skyline, then here.“

Q: What do you enjoy doing in you free time, and how often do you do it?

A: “I play basketball mostly on the weekends.”

Q:Do you have favorite team and why?

A: “I love the Lakers because they’re just a home team, everyone in my family loves the Lakers.”

Q:Who’s your favorite Basketball player and why?

A: “Alanzo Ball, I think he’s the goat.”

Q: What else do you do in your free time?

A: “I play video games.”

Q: What’s your favorite video game and why?

A: “Probably Skyrim, the adventuring is just fun.”

Q: How did you feel coming to high school?

A: “Everything was fine, I wasn’t scared.”

Q:What’s your opinion on overcrowding on HHS and where do you think the new high school should be built?

A:”It’s extremely overcrowded and I think that it’s important that they build it where there’s a good amount of space.”

Q: Who’s your favorite musical artist and why?

A: “Lil Uzi Vert, I just like how he expresses himself through song.”

Q: What is your greatest fear and why?

A: Death, because you don’t know what comes after. I mean is there even an afterlife?

Q:What is one thing everybody should do before they die?

A: Go out and live your best life, I mean as long as long as it doesn’t hurt any other people.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant?

A: Olive Garden.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A:“I like playing basketball and video games”   

Q: Would you like to play basketball when you get older?

A:“I would like to play for the LA Lakers if I got the chance to”

Q: Did your parents ever play a sport?


Q: Where are your parents from Arjun?

A:“My mom is from Nepal, which is north of India, and my dad is from India.”

Q: Have you ever been to either one of those places?

A:“I have been to both, though Nepal more than India.”

Q: What have you done in India?

A:“I actually went to school abroad there”

Q: Was the school anything like it is here at the highschool?

A:“Not at all”

Q: How so?

A“The school was a boarding school, we lived there and  it wasn’t very big, 300 or more students. They had horrible lunch, but I managed to down it and it all came in small portions. I was skinny as a twig when I got back to America.”


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