Top 5 things to do in downtown Harrisonburg


Shea Spears , Staff Reporter

Growing up downtown always gave me something to do. I would walk around, hangout with my friends and go to all of the shops and restaurants. I would blow my money on candy, food, toys and stickers. Today, I still spend a lot of my time and money downtown. 


I constantly look forward to walking downtown with my friends and spending money on food, clothes, stickers, and icecream. Here are my top five best attractions downtown.

5. Klines Dairy Bar- First off, the ice cream is perfect. The soft served textures and perfect flavor mixtures create a creamy dessert that is perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Not only does Klines sell ice cream cones, but they also sell milkshakes, malted milkshakes, banana splits, and hot fudge sundaes. All of these desserts have great flavors and textures. Klines also has a flavor of the week, which makes the experience exciting. It has been fun walking to klines and trying to guess what the wild flavor is going to be. I think that Klines is a good and fun place to hangout with friends.I also love that you can go to Klines any day of the year. In fall they have fall flavors and in winter you can get a hot fudge sundae and enjoy it in the car. If I had to choose only one flavor of ice cream to get from Klines for the rest of my life I would choose a black raspberry milkshake. I love their black raspberry ice cream, but I don’t always enjoy ice cream cones, so if you get a milkshake you still get the flavor but you don’t have to worry about staining your shirt with dark red ice cream.

4. Benny’s Pizza- Benny’s pizza will always be gratifying. They serve giant pizza slices and you can choose from a large variety of drinks. Benny’s also has a fun vibe with a cool interior, there is a giant mural on the wall and they have pillars covered in chalk paint that can write and draw on. It is an amusing environment and whenever someone says Benny’s, a perfect picture of the building and food comes to mind. I think Benny’s is the perfect place to go for lunch. All I need is a slice of pizza and a drink, and I am all set! 

3. Jack Brown’s- Jack Brown’s has amazing burgers and fries. The size of the burgers allow you to enjoy the burger and a side of fries and even a fried Oreo without feeling stuffed.Jack Browns has all different kinds of burgers to choose from. The fries come with the Jack Brown’s special sauce. I think the special sauce is very good, whatever is put in it has the perfect consistency and taste. It is also so good because you can put it on your fries and your burger. I think this meal is perfect for an afternoon downtown. They have outside seating that is perfect for a lunch with family or friends. The walls are covered in polaroid photos. It is so random, yet so cool at the same time. The owner finds random statues or random objects that could be put on the wall or ceiling. For some reason the decorations give off a western feel to me. Jack browns is a great place to eat and I will always enjoy it.

2. Water Street Vintage & Bohemian- Water Street Vintage is such a fun store to go to to buy anything from clothes, to posters and stickers. I always enjoy going into Water Street because there is music playing and the owner is always up to say hi and chat. Water Street is a fun family friendly store that is in the  dead center of downtown, which makes it easy to get to. I love popping into the store and talking to the owner as I look through his wide selection of stickers. It is so fun to go into Water Street just to look around at posters and clothing. I think Water Street is so fun and the environment is nice to be in.

1. Wonder Skate Shop- Wonder Skate Shop is such a fun store for people who like music, clothes or skateboarding. Wonder has skateboards and everything you need to skate; like skating shoes, tools, hardware and clothes. Wonder also has a music section. They sell guitars, records and amps. I always expect to walk in and leave with something in my hands. I also really enjoy the owners of Wonder, because they are nice and very helpful.You get to know the employees who are always there. I always love going to Wonder, even if I am just buying socks or a magazine.