Versen receives COVID vaccine at age 17


Reprinted with permission from Alex Versen

Junior Alex Versen is now fully vaccinated after receiving his shots the the JMU Convocation Center.

Emanuel Flores-Lobo, Staff Reporter

With the COVID-19 vaccine available to people over 12 years old, many students at HHS have had the chance to get vaccinated. Junior Alex Versen is one student who is now fully vaccinated. He began his vaccination process last month.
“[My] first shot was [April 9] and [I received my] second [shot] April 30,” Versen said.
Versen took the vaccine completely willing, but he also felt he could help his community by doing so.
“I took it absolutely by choice. [I think] it better helps our population and my grandparents,” Versen said.
Versen didn’t experience too many side effects after receiving his vaccinations.
“[I was] a little anxious to go in [at first], but after that [I felt] fine. It was just a quick poke, nothing special,” Versen said. “[I was sore] only after my first [shot, but] the second one didn’t affect me.”
Versen believes it’s important for HHS students to get vaccinated as soon as possible in time for next school year.
“If they want to go back to school, [they should get vaccinated]. If they don’t want to and want to just keep us all trapped at home, by all means, be irresponsible. If they want to see their friends again, they should get the vaccine like responsible adults,” Versen said.
Everyone in Versen’s household has been vaccinated, except his younger sister.
“All of my family has been vaccinated except my little sister. She is now no longer too young, but she’s 12 so she’s just within the range of the new [spectrum],” Versen said.
Versen feels much safer and calmer knowing he and his family have been vaccinated.
“[I feel] less stressed. We’re allowed to go out and see people again and be able to return to some normality,” Versen said.
Versen is thankful he will have the chance to have a somewhat normal senior year, unlike the class of 2021.
“I want to go in for senior year. I actually want to be in school for my last year there,” Versen said.
Versen looks forward to doing pre-COVID activities again when he returns for his senior year.
“[I look forward to] actually seeing friends in person, seeing teachers, being able to interact with [people] again, walking through the halls and being social,” Versen said.
Versen received his vaccine at the JMU Convocation Center. While he hasn’t experienced any possible side effects, Versen does know a few people who have.
“I have not, [but] my girlfriend is currently experiencing them. My family [has] experienced them as well. I suffered a sore arm after my first shot, [but] nothing else happened,” Versen said.
Due to his age, Versen only had one option of which vaccine he could take.
“[I took] the Pfizer [vaccine shot]. The Pfizer is the only one approved for my age since I’m still 17. [The] Johnson & Johnson had been banned before I could get [that shot], due to blood clots,” Versen said.

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