Students compare opinions, viewpoints of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is a medical television drama about the personal and work lives of surgical doctors.

Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical drama tv series centered around a group of young doctors who began their jobs as interns. When quarantine first began, many people were stuck at home with nothing to do. Some individuals began to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix since they were bored at home. Freshman Kimberly Ortiz is one of the individuals who began watching the famous tv show during quarantine. 

“Over quarantine, I got bored and I had nothing else to do. [I heard that] everyone kept recommending [a] show about doctors. [Since] I had nothing else to do, I started watching it,” Ortiz said. 

While Ortiz heard around about “Grey’s Anatomy,” freshman Marlin Abraham was recommended to watch the show by someone. 

“[I started watching “Grey’s Anatomy”] because a friend recommended it to me. I was doing nothing one summer, so I just started watching it since I had nothing to watch on Netflix,” Abraham said. 

Ortiz ended up getting hooked by “Grey’s Anatomy,” so she binge watched most of the show. She finished watching a whole season in one day. 

“[The most episodes I’ve watched in a day] were 25. I’m probably exaggerating a little bit, but the episodes are really long. They’re like 40 minutes long,” Ortiz said. 

Abraham didn’t have much time to watch the show, so she watched it when she had the time. 

“[The most episodes I’ve watched] in a day [is] probably eight or nine,” Abraham said. 

“Grey’s Anatomy” shows a lot of important life situations that Ortiz looks up to. 

“At one point, I was attached to the main character (Meredith Grey). It portraits all the stuff she’s been through. Even as a doctor, she has her own life outside from [the medical field]. Everything that happens in the show [is important],” Ortiz said. 

Abraham has enjoyed the general mood and place setting of “Grey’s Anatomy.” 

“The topics they talk about [stand out to me the most.] They talk about topics that [happen] around the world and are serious issues that need to be covered. They bring it out [throughout] the show,” Abraham said. “Some of their developments are outstanding. One of the characters, Alex [Karev], his character development really changed throughout the whole show [which] was good.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” has inspired Ortiz’s decision to work in the medical field when she’s older.

“After I watched “Grey’s Anatomy,” I wanted to be a surgeon because it shows the overall [job of a surgeon]. It shows all the stuff that happens in the ER [room] and how they treat a patient,” Ortiz said. 

Abraham has also been inspired by “Grey’s Anatomy” to pursue a job in the medical field. She feels like she has learned valuable stuff that can help her in the future. 

“I always wanted to be in the medical [field], but I didn’t know what job I’d like and what interested me. Seeing the specific jobs that are in “Grey’s Anatomy” really influenced what I wanted to do [with] my career pathway,” Abraham said. 

Ortiz has enjoyed watching “Grey’s Anatomy” overall, but she doesn’t recommend it for everyone. She gives the show a seven and a half out of 10. 

“It depends. If you’re committed to watching [the show], then yes, [I’d recommend it.] If you’re someone that drops it over an episode that’s boring, then [I don’t recommend it]. You have to watch the whole [show] to get into it [and] understand everything,” Ortiz said. 

“Grey’s Anatomy” is one of Abraham’s top favorite shows. She gives it a nine and half out of 10. She recommends it for anyone, but believes it’s not that educational.

“I would recommend [“Grey’s Anatomy”] for anyone who would like to watch it, but [the] majority of [the show] is not how it really is in the medical field. If you’re trying to watch [the show] for the medical [parts], I wouldn’t recommend it. Other than that, it does influence you on some topics that they talk about in the world which I really enjoy about. I’d recommend it if you have the time to watch it,” Abraham said.

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