The Advisor


Photo Courtesy of Nathan Brown

Brown tees off at a golf tournaments during last year’s high school golf tournament. Brown decided to pursue golf because it proved little to no risk for another concussion.

Senior Nathan Brown seeks to become a financial advisor in his future. Brown’s father has inspired him to pursue a career in this field in order to help people reach their financial goals. 

I want to study finance or economics and then hopefully become a financial advisor afterward. I would probably get a bachelor’s degree and then work for a few years, and then go back for a master’s degree. [I want to be a financial advisor because] it’s similar to what my dad does. Recently, [i did a] internship in that field and realized that it actually is cool and what I want to do,” Brown said. “[Financial advising is when] people come to you and they let you know what they want to do in their future such as, retirement and their savings for their kids going to college and stuff.” 

Throughout Brown’s experiences in high school, friends and parents and extra curricular activities have motivated him to where he is now.

The biggest thing [that has helped me through highschool] is the people at Harrisonburg High School. Sometimes, you’re gonna have a lot of homework, or you’re going to have big tests or something. But you can still go to school and have a good time, because your friends are there. And then there’s events outside of school, like homecoming, or football games, where you just go and have a good time. And there’s a lot of school spirit there. So even when school isn’t, isn’t the best, There’s other things going that are good,” Brown said. “[My parents have been] supportive with everything that I’ve decided to do whether it’s going out for a sports team or running for SCA Vice President. My parents have just supported me through it and they never told me I couldn’t do anything.” 

Brown’s favorite sport is soccer, but after many injuries he had to find an alternative.

“I can’t play [soccer] anymore because I got too many concussions. Now I do swimming and golf, which have both been fun. [As for the concussions, my parents] didn’t really care at first. But then I started getting more and they started getting a little more concerned because your brain is an important thing. We went to the doctor and they said I should take a break with [soccer]. I was pretty sad at first because I’d been playing soccer my whole life. Instead of  getting too down in the dumps, I decided to find something else to do. That’s when I picked up golf. That’s been really fun. I still like soccer more, but it’s been a good alternative, and [golf is] a lot safer,” Brown said. 

Brown discovered a new hobby of coming on the announcements and singing songs. 

“It started when we did a raffle for Yearbook and they needed to announce the winners. I went on to announce the winner and after that [Valarie Kibler] continued to ask me to [go on the announcements]. I liked it so I continued throughout the year.” [When Christmas came around] I sang Christmas songs,” Brown said.

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