You should open your music taste during quarantine

Kya Dotson, Staff Reporter

Personally, I listen to a scatter of different genres of music. Most of the time, I like to learn and understand the lyrics to paint a picture in my mind based on the meaning of the artist’s words. I just feel like if I can hear and feel the lyrics, I have a way better vibe and connection.

My playlists are most of the time based on my moods. For example, if I’m in a very droopy and not such of an active mood, I have a playlist called “2 am.” I play this playlist when I want to tune of the word and think deep or when I take long walks around Harrisonburg to get my mind off of things. This playlist tends to keep me calm and kinda not get me raged up inside. One of my favorite songs in this playlist is called “Ophelia” by The Lumineers. The song is kind of a goofy-chill vibe, but also makes me think about reality.

Although I listen to very calm music, my favorite genre tends to be Hip Hop or R&B. I love the way rappers sing or rap songs with a beat and keep the lyrics rhyming and on beat. When the beat drops, it builds a lot of adrenaline inside of me that makes me want to move around. One of my favorite artists is Trippie Redd. He is a very odd person himself but i still love him. His music is usually about love or how his heart is broken, but on the other hand he has rap that has fast and catchy lyrics and rhymes.

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