White develops visual art skills in Art 3

Throughout her childhood, junior Julia White had a love for art. As she entered high school, she realized that she wanted to continue with visual art and is now taking Art 3.

White drew as a young child, like most children, but she soon took a break at the age of  5 or 6 due to interest in other things. White decided to become an artist yet again in eighth grade when she rediscovered her love for art.

“I had a really nice teacher who was very sweet and wanted me to start [being an artist] again. [I] also had really good artists who were in my class that were very good, and so I challenged myself to improve and I just started really liking art again,” White said.

White enjoys art because it allows her to view the world differently; she can look at something and see it in a much deeper way. By taking art, she has learned to look at almost anything and see it in a whole new way, which allows her perfect her drawings or paintings.

“[Art is] really cool because it makes you see the world completely differently. [For example] if I’m looking down the hall, instead of just seeing the hall, I dissect it into several planes. There is a vanishing point at the end and everything will just go there. You [then] start seeing color better. There’s a science behind it depending on what kind of art you do. I love classical art because it is very scientific and methodical. So what I really like about [art] is just trying to, to the best of my ability, capture something [artistically] as it is,” White said.

White typically doesn’t like the whole of her art; it’s the parts of it that she feels proud of.

“I don’t like any of my art, when I am happy with a part of the art then I feel really happy for the rest of the day, but I am never completely satisfied with it,” White said.

When a piece goes wrong that piece won’t be seen, and White might not be seen drawing or painting for a while.

“It’s sad, [when stuff goes wrong]. There have been things that have been thrown out or trashed. I won’t draw for weeks at a time because I’ve made something I hated and I just feel really sad,” White said.

When a piece hasn’t been messed up and White is drawing, you can find her drawing every day. 

“I draw every day now since I’m in Art 3, but if I wasn’t in an art class [I would] probably [draw] 2-3 times a week at home,” White said.

White draws at school and at home with rather specific motivations. 

“Music [helps motivate me], especially the Beatles [and] 60’s and 70’s music. I love listening to music when I’m drawing. What also motivates me is how good other artists are. [I try] to get to that level to some degree, not necessarily to copy them, but to see the way that they use shading and try to incorporate that into my art,” White said.