8 reasons why Friends is a must watch comedy


Sid Tandel

Sid starts his Friends re-run for the seventh time.

I personally have watched Friends at least six times, so at the risk of sounding too bias, Friends is one of the best comedies and is a must watch TV show and here are eight reasons why. Disclaimer: Spoilers are included in this review. 

1. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow, is one of the main characters in Friends and she is by far my favorite character. Phoebe is the token ‘weird one’ of the group and her vegetarian-hippie view of the world provides a very comedic attribute to the show. One of the main things Phoebe is known through her time in the show is her solo produced song called “Smelly Cat.” This song is sung none other than by the tone deaf Phoebe Buffay and the lyrics are extremely funny.

2. Chandler Bing

Matthew Perry, or as Friends fans know him as Chandler Bing, is one of my favorite characters in the show. Throughout the show, Chandler makes many sarcastic remarks and is the funniest character. He does anything for his friends, has funny dances, physically is unable to smile. Throughout the show, everyone is convinced he’s gay, no one actually knows what he does for work, and he got the last line in the show. He honestly makes Friends what it is. 

3. Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani, better known as Matt LeBlanc, is the definition of a good friend. Joey ‘proposes’ to Phoebe when he finds out she’s pregnant just so she doesn’t have to raise a child as a single mom and later does the same for Rachel. Joey is always able to cheer up his other friends in the show by showing them the vast genre of movies he’s acted for. Joey is the best duck father ever, he’s always able to eat everyone’s challenge, he’s dumb but sweet and his famous pick-up line “how you doin?”

4. Ross Geller

David Schwimmer, or Ross Geller, is a passionate dinosaur enthusiast. Throughout the show, Ross has three divorces and is constantly made fun of for his choices. Ross is always making simple mistakes like getting overly tanned, or over whitening his teeth. Not to mention “WE WERE ON A BREAK.” 

5. The quotes

Throughout the show there are many memorable moments that you can quote with other people that have seen the show and they will know exactly what you’re talking about. Some of these quotes include “we were on a break,” “PIVOT,” “unagi,” etc.

6. The show makes you appreciate your friends more

After many screenings of Friends, you realize how loving and relatable every one of the characters are at some point.

7. Still watched 25 years later

The first episode of Friends aired September 22, 1994 and the show is still watched today. The same can still be said for many other 90s comedy TV shows. However, none are as significant as Friends. This just shows how Friends is an amazing show, if it’s being watched 25 years later. 

8. Theme song

The Friends theme song is the most iconic take-away from the show. Everyone, whether they’d like to admit it or not, has either subconsciously clapped or physically clapped along to the theme song.

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