Scott finds future in fire and rescue


Similar to other students in high school, junior Maddy Scott balances her time as a student athlete. Adding onto her already busied schedule, Scott decided to take on more. It was the end of her sophomore year when she decided to join Massanutten Technical Center (MTC) to study fire and rescue.

“I found out that I wanted to be a firefighter last year,” Scott said. “My dad is a firefighter and I really look up to him. I have always wanted to be in the medical field as well. MTC had tours one day and I decided to do firefighting there which I ended up liking.”

Scott was surprised when she discovered multiple strands the career consisted of.

“We just covered a unit about sprinklers,” Scott said. “We have also learned about how sometimes we build construction.”

Scott started questioning her future at MTC and how it would go. Because of the positive outcome of her first year there, she has become more optimistic about this career.

“I was nervous before [applying] to MTC because I thought it was going to be a waste of time. I thought I was going to be stuck if that was the case. Now, I do love it,” Scott said. “I feel like I am being set up for the future.”

Scott decided to pursue this career because her family has been affected from the deaths of cousins.

“[The deaths are why] my dad became [a firefighter],”Scott said. “[All of that together] really encourages me to be one too,” Scott said.

As her senior year begins in the fall, Scott currently plans to major in fire and science. Although there are pros and cons to anything in life, Scott will continue her second year at MTC, educating herself more about this.

“There is a lot [more] into firefighting than we think,” Scott said. “It is not just fires, it is [also] helping people.”


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