Sibling relationships: Q&A with Hayden, Kate Kirwan


Photo Courtesy of Kate Kirwain

Sophomore Hayden Kirwan and freshman Kate Kirwan meet after a cross country meet. From being in the debate classroom to running side by side, the Kirwans would call their sibling relationship a close one.

Q: How close are you guys in age?

A: Kate: Like a year and a half.

Hayden: 16 months apart.

Kate: Wait are we actually? Okay.


Q: What is your relationship like?

A: Kate: We’re really close, we help each other with school work and stuff. We talk about a lot of stuff.


Q: What do you guys argue about the most?

A: Hayden: Probably music choices.

Kate: Music choices for sure and sometimes we just get angry.

Hayden: Well that’s one way to put it… but definitely music choices.


Q: What is the best part about having a sibling at school?

A: Kate: Honestly, it’s kind of nice to have someone in debate because we can write cases together and it’s just nice to have someone there.

Hayden: I think it’s just nice to have someone at a similar age who is going through a lot of the same stuff as you.


Q: What is the worst part about having a sibling at school?

A: Kate: I think it is good for the most part but at the same time though there are some down sides.

Hayden: Like what?

Kate: I guess just being with them constantly which could be both a bad and a good thing.


Q: How do you help one another in and out of school?

A: Kate: We help each other in debate a lot outside of school.

Hayden: We just talk about things in general.

Kate: I think it’s just really nice to have someone to talk to that can relate and really know what you are talking about.


Q: How have you helped one another in track?

A: Kate: I feel like Hayden is just another teammate and it’s really helpful to have someone there at all the meets and if I ever need something. We also push each other to be better runners… right?

Hayden: Yeah, sure.


Q: Kate, how has Hayden helped you with the high school transition?

A: It’s definitely been nice because he knows his way around the school and he is always there for me if I need something during the day.


Q: Hayden, what do you feel like you have done to help Kate with the high school transition?

A: I think I’ve helped her by setting the expectations because for a lot of freshman its intimidating coming in not knowing what to expect and I think I gave Kate an upper-hand knowing what to expect.


Q: What is your relationship like compared to other siblings?

A: Kate: We are a lot closer.

Hayden: I think that is because we are so close in age.

Kate: Also because we do a lot of the same things.

Hayden: Yeah we have a lot of similarities.

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