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‘All My Friends Are Dead’ combines humor with morbidity for a great read

The book

The book "All my friends are dead"

Mia Constantin

Mia Constantin

The book "All my friends are dead"


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Have you ever wanted a book that explains life, more importantly your life, in a very simple way? I have just the right book for you. The book is called “All My Friends Are Dead.” This small picture book pulls at your heartstrings while still making you laugh uncontrollably. It depicts environmental disasters all while talking about the dinosaurs, while incorporating modern slang and means of communication.  All of the examples given make you feel like you relate to it on a deep, almost spiritual level.  At the end, you’ll start questioning your existence on earth while also laughing.

Most of the situations are somewhat over-exaggerated, but others are so realistic you wonder if that has happened to you. In some instances the authors dwell on the smallest, noticeable things in life, like socks. Other times the book deals with death. It even twists death in a funny way, changing your perspective on it.  

This book is pocket-sized, easy for travel. Most pages only have one sentence in big bold letters while others only show illustrations. It is a thick book as it is only sold with a hardcover, but it doesn’t weigh a lot at all. It is also a very nice coffee table book.

Finally, the back of the book says, “All My Friends Are Dead is both the saddest, funniest book and the funniest sad book you’ll ever read,” which I think sums the book up very nicely.  This book is available on amazon and participating retailers.  

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‘All My Friends Are Dead’ combines humor with morbidity for a great read