Bendy straws enhance sipping experience

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Hannah Miller, Editor-in-Chief

Bendy straws are a spectacular invention. They come in colors, polkadots and stripes. In the hierarchy of drink accessories, the fancy umbrella picks are for the rich and wealthy, or maybe the average person on a splurge day. Only if you belong to the peasant class do you drink from a normal straw, or -gasp- without any straw at all. But for our normal middle class, we have the stupendous bendy straw.

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate all the wonderful qualities of a bendable straw. A nice cylindrical tube, made from the finest quality plastic. Then, near the top, are the fantastic ridges and creases that allow us to bend our straw as we please. This drinking utensil is arguably the best invention since the light bulb.

Although some people feel them to be childish, the bendy straw actually improves the perceived maturity of the drinker by eliminating the need to slurp from the rim of a glass. If that’s not enough, they help you to drink more liquid in a shorter period of time, assisting you in staying hydrated and winning chugging competitions.

Sold at any and all grocery stores, these tubular devices can be obtained for as low as $2.50 for an entire pack. If used for water, you can always reuse them. As an extra bonus, they make it easier to determine which cup is yours. Have you ever been stuck at a gathering where all the cups look the same? It’s so much easier to find your own cup when there’s a fun, flexible straw sticking out of the rim.

Next time you get a drink, consider adding a bendable straw to enhance your sipping experience. I can guarantee bendy straws will change your life with their awesomeness.