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April 12, 2024

Abebe produces and publishes music

Jumana Alsaadoon
Sophomore Sammy Abebe listens to his music.

Sophomore Sammy Abebe started creating music in seventh grade. Music is a fun and inspirational outlet for Sammy. He likes producing his music after getting inspired by others.

“I started in seventh grade and it was pretty bad. I was still trying to learn. [Now], I listen to a lot of music, and I just like creating my own stuff, so once I hear a song I like, I want to make my own. That’s how it started,” said Abebe.

Friends make great support systems. For Abebe, his friends are his biggest inspiration when producing music.

“[My biggest] inspiration [for creating music] is honestly my friends. [They] support me and tell me that they like it. I also just want to get better,” said Abebe.

While making music has easygoing moments, it also has tricky moments. Abebe shows that while he is lyrical, he is still learning how to make his own beats from scratch and increasing his production value.

“The easiest part, for me, is the lyrics. I [come up with] lyrics pretty easily,” said Abebe. “The hardest part is learning how to make beats for the music. I’m also trying to start singing more, and it’s hard.”

Repetition is annoying, but the final product is always worth it. Abebe shares his favorite and least favorite parts of creating music from the beginning to the end.

“My least favorite part is when you’re making a song, [and] you don’t like how it sounds, you have to keep redoing [the verse]. You have to redo the verse like one hundred times,” said Abebe. “My favorite part is hearing how it sounds [when it’s finished].”

Versatility at its finest. Abebe tries a lot of different styles to stay versatile and continue expanding what he releases.

“I do Indie, R&B, and rap too. I try to do everything,” said Abebe. “I like every style of music, so I want to see what’s best for me.”

Music isn’t only about listening to it, but it also includes the production side of it. Abebe creates his work from his phone and Apple headphones.

“[To start], I use my phone. My friends will make me a beat, or I’ll find a beat on YouTube, and I download [the beat] to my phone. [Then I] put it in BandLab, the app I use, and record the vocals with my Apple headphones,” said Abebe.

Generating music is for intrinsic motivation. Abebe believes that making music for others to enjoy is a reward, but intends to keep music as a hobby unless something changes later.

“It’s [much] more rewarding to make a good song and listen to it,” said Abebe. “It’s more of a hobby right now, but it kind of depends.”

Music is about being your most creative self. Abebe shares motivation to anyone with a passion for creating music as a hobby or career.

“Do whatever you want and don’t care what people say. If you make something and people say it’s bad, but you like it, then it’s good,” said Abebe. “Honestly, [music] is just about creativity. There’s no type of music that’s bad. It’s just what you like.”Sammy Abebe produces and publishes music

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