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Shakoor feels effects of COVID-19 with school, trips

Freshman Imaan Shakoor's family stocked up on cleaning supplies to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Silas Spears, Staff Reporter

March 16, 2020

For freshman Imaan Shakoor, the mandatory two week closure of schools due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus isn't just an extra long weekend and break, it means trips canceled, lack of preparation for SOLs and worry for her extended family. Shakoor has been waiting to visit her family acros...

Tang follows passion for art

A drawing of Uma Thurman from the movie

Toluwani Ola, Staff Reporter

March 9, 2020

Since he was young, junior Kieran Tang has had a passion for art.  “I have been drawing for a very long time, probably since I was five or six years old," Tang said. “Creating art is kind of like a sedative or tranquilizer for me. It keeps me in the place I want to be." Tang is current...

Beck wins states, prepares for nationals

Spectators watch as junior David Beck strides to the finish line at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Out of 15 teams, Harrisonburg placed second behind Spotswood Sept. 11.

Oziel Valdez, Online Editor in Chief

March 8, 2020

With his dreams from last year in hand’s reach, junior David Beck took the leap to make those previous dreams a reality. While attending the VHSL State Indoor Track Championship Feb. 28 and 29, Beck won first in the Class 5 Men’s 1000 Meter Run. While winning at states, Beck’s separate personal reco...

Spears enjoys FBLA, prepares for states

Spears enjoys FBLA, prepares for states

Silas Spears, Staff Reporter

March 7, 2020

Senior Spencer Spears is a member of the after school club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). She joined at the beginning of her senior year for the first time. She joined after finding out Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) was no longer an after school option at Harrisonburg H...

Glago, Thompson form band, find passion for songwriting

(From left to right) HHS alum Alex Osinkosky, sophomore Dylan Thompson, Spotswood senior Colin Gregory, sophomore Keenan Glago, and Spotswood senior Reece Wayland all stand together following their second show. The band played at Restless Moons brewery in June, 2019.

Maya Waid, Sports Editor in Chief

March 6, 2020

When most teenagers talk about starting a band, it is nothing more than simply an idea to fantasize over; however, for sophomores Keenan Glago and Dylan Thompson, this dream became a reality.  Glago’s father, Mickey Glago, teaches private music lessons. One of his students is Spotswood High School senior Reece Wayland, who showed inte...

Spears overcomes insecurities with acne scars, finds suitable skin care routine

Sophomore Kolbie Czajkowski inspects her skin. Czajkowski has her own skin care routine that she has followed and has found it to help her skin.

Caleb Goss, Visual Content Editor in Chief

March 4, 2020

Skin care: the Mt. Everest of self care. A copious task so varied that to a beginner, it feels as though reaching the peak of the mountain is a lifetime away. With so many different routines and products, the formula to perfect skin is different for everyone, as it can be a roller coaster of ups and ...

Young maintains busy dance schedule both in and out of school

Freshman Ella Young poses with junior Javion Green during a dance performance at HHS.

Riley Thompson, Staff Reporter

March 1, 2020

Freshman Ella Young uses dance to express herself. She is involved in the Fine Arts Academy’s dance strand, Dance and Company, a program called Shenandoah Contemporary Dance Theater (SCDT) and the musical “Hairspray.”  “[I was] in the ensemble for the musical Hairspray, we [practiced] everyda...

Walton finds fulfillment in library job

Library secretary Bradley Walton cleans up the tape on the door to the library.

Mia Constantin, Print Editor in Chief

February 29, 2020

Library secretary Bradley Walton had an interesting start to his career. Majoring in  English and Philosophy and Religion, with a minor in Theatre and Speech, he wanted to be a comic book writer out of college. Once that wasn’t enough to support him, he started working in the Walmart toy depa...

Love of books inspires job for Kaznosky

Librarian Karen Kaznosky works at her desk in the library. This is her normal spot when she isn’t helping students throughout the library.

Yesenia Clemente, Staff Reporter

February 28, 2020

This is Mrs. Kaznosky's first librarian gig. Kaznosky has loved reading books ever since she was a little kid.  “[I love reading books] because they can take you to different worlds [and] it's an escape from everyday,” Kaznosky said. “It's also a great learning experience because you ca...

75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation holds importance to Jenkins

The entrance to Auschwitz. This concentration camp opened in 1940 and was liberated in 1945.

Karleigh Gentry, Page Editor

February 26, 2020

From 1941 to 1945, Jews were victims of a mass genocide under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. We now refer to those years as the Holocaust and, although times have changed, the knowledge of the past is still present today.  Auschwitz, one of the most infamous concentration camps from the Holocaust, was t...

Blancher enjoys variety of hobbies

Sophomore Michel Blancher displays his light up hat with ''Smile'' on it.

Kasey Thompson, Staff Reporter

February 25, 2020

Sophomore Michel Blancher is often found wearing his light up hat around school, displaying a message of how he’s feeling or a funny phrase. However, his hat is a fairly new addition to his wardrobe.  “Really what inspired the hat is the whole hip hop culture. [Hip hop is my favorite because]...

Ogundipe gets accepted into MIT, waits for other decisions

Ogundipe participates in a activity at her health sciences summer residential Governor's School.

Mia Constantin, Print Editor in Chief

February 14, 2020

On average, a senior applies somewhere between seven and ten colleges, according to College Vine. Senior Safiyyah Ogundipe applied to 20 colleges, with some of the most prestigious universities in America included on her list. “I applied to a lot of schools. I wanted to cover my bases with most of ...

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