Multiple Instagram accounts created, anonymously run by students


Maya Waid

In the last few weeks, a total of 24 accounts have been made related to HHS. Accounts are controlled by students and run anonymously.

Aisha Gil Sanchez, Staff Reporter

Lately, Instagram has been taken over by school accounts, a new one with topics ranging from sleeping, eating, look-alikes to outfit checks, pops up every day. Students send in pictures of their peers to these accounts to be posted. Sophomore Christian Mejia has been on the @bluestreakssleepingpeeps page sleeping in a recycling bin in class.

“I was just sleeping and the teacher was out, I could fit in the bin so I [choose] to sleep [there], ” Mejia said.

Similar to many others, Mejia feels uncomfortable with his photo being taken and posted without checking with him first.

“I feel uncomfortable because they posted it without [my] consent and I feel [like I’m getting] stalked,” Mejia said.

The HHS sleeping page has posted over 200 times in the past week alone. Some students find the account funny while others don’t.

“[I think the account is not] taking it too far, but it’s [also] not funny at all because some people are getting mad that they get posted without consent,” Mejia said.

Another well known instagram account is @bluestreaks.drip where the owner posts pictures of students and has people rate their outfits. Freshman Rami Amer was posted on this account and received a rating of 7.5/10, but it was then changed to a 5.5/10. Despite this, Amer is not bothered by the account.

“I feel like I was robbed, my score [changed], It’s cool because I already know I look fire.” Amer said.

Most students who are running such accounts are working hard to keep their identity hidden. The owner of the @bluestreaks.drip account only started the account as a joke. They enjoy running the account despite getting backlash from students who want to be posted.