Eletere utilizes different form of transportation


Used with permission by TJ Butler

Senior Emmanuel Eletere recently completed behind the wheel with Butler’s Driving School. Now that he has his license, Eletere plans to rely less on his electrical unicycle.

Macy Waid, Staff Reporter

Unlike most other students, senior Emmanuel Eletere arrives at school each morning via his electric unicycle. Eletere first discovered this form of transportation after being introduced to it by his friend two years ago.

“[The electric unicycle]  was interesting and I thought that one day I would definitely want one. I started working and I was able to buy it myself [last February].” Eletere said.

Unicycles are considered to be two times more efficient than walking and ever since buying a unicycle, Eletere has used it as his transportation.

“[The unicycle is] basically my car. I use it to get everywhere to school, to work [and] home. I live about three or four miles from [the high school], so it’s not a far ride,” Eletere said

Prior to using his electric unicycle as his transportation to school, Eletere rode the bus each day.

“I prefer using [the unicycle] because currently I [have] late arrival and I don’t drive right now. I would have to take the transit and the transit takes forever. Plus, I am even faster than the bus since I don’t have to wait for all the stops,” Eletere said.

Since then, Eletere has earned his license. Though it is an unusual form of transportation, Eletere stands out in his use of his unicycle.

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