Frosted sugar cookies are the best American cookie


Clare Kirwan

A green version of the frosted sugar cookie mentioned in the story.

Clare Kirwan, Head Editor-in-Chief

As Americans, it almost feels like a new cookie is developed every day. There are sugar, oatmeal, chocolate chip, macadamia, pumpkin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter and so many more cookie options to choose from; however, no cookie can beat frosted sugar cookies. Not only are frosted sugar cookies delicious, but they are also affordable and stay fresh for three to four weeks. 

With white sugar bases, thick but not rich colored frosting and sprinkles on top, frosted sugar cookies are amazing all the way around. For starters, the cookies are never chewy. They are soft, fluffy and very easy to eat which adds to the lovely taste. While many people also hate frosting, the frosting on these cookies is much better than those on cupcakes or cakes. It has a hardened look to it but in reality is smooth and so tasty. Instead of the sticky feeling you get from normal frosting, you get a frosting that is not as sweet or pasty as the regular kind. All together, the cookies have a lasting effect of yumminess leaving you always wanting more.

While these cookies are commonly known as Lofthouse cookies, most of the frosted sugar cookies you will find at big name stores like Walmart or Target are off brand. These off brand frosted sugar cookies still taste absolutely amazing and are incredibly affordable. At Walmart, you can get a pack of ten large frosted sugar cookies for just $2.97. For the same price you can get twenty mini frosted sugar cookies. Let’s be honest, when something you love is cheap and affordable, it makes it all the more enjoyable. Whether you buy your frosted cookies at Walmart or another big retail store, these cookies are very affordable.

In American society today, food is constantly being thrown out, even good food that you may have spent a lot of money on. Only when you go to get that yummy food out of the fridge do you see that it expired two days ago. This is a constant dilemma, especially with cookies. Baked cookies will only stay good for about 2-3 days and store bought ones, maybe a week or two; however, these amazing frosted sugar cookies stay fresh for three to four weeks… three to four weeks! These cookies give you plenty and plenty of time to savor and enjoy them one by one without going bad. 

Whether the frosted sugar cookies are actually good is a debate among many. Some say the cookie-cake hybrid is disgusting and shouldn’t even be considered a cookie. Others say that these cookies are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to them. Nonetheless, those that say that frosted sugar cookies have no taste and weird textures are haters on one of the world’s most beautiful creations. While some say they are too sweet, I feel they are the perfect portion to give you just enough, without leaving you feeling sick. Though some say that they have disgustingly weird textures, the opposite stands true; they are wonderfully soft and smooth in comparison to other cookies. Those that are avid frosted sugar cookie haters have simply not given them enough of a chance.

Despite the debate over these frosted cookies, a poll I conducted on my instagram story showed that 24 out of 28 people absolutely love these cookies. Leaving a small portion of only two not liking them and two liking them some of the time. Some of these frosted sugar cookie lovers even went as far as to say, “They are so flipping good,” Junior Abby Fornadel said. As this poll further backs up my conclusion that frosted sugar cookies are the best in America, I’m sure I’m leaving everyone at home with a craving for these cookies.