Students explore new artistic hobbies in quarantine

A piece that freshman Linnea Siderhurst has created during quarantine.

Photo courtesy of Linnea Siderhurst

A piece that freshman Linnea Siderhurst has created during quarantine.

While in quarantine, seeing friends, going to the mall and playing sports with others is

not an option, so students are finding new ways to occupy their time. Trying and learning new things is making isolation a lot more bearable for many, including sophomore Zoelle Bleazard

Before all of this started, I had a very busy schedule and I barely had the time to see my family or do anything extra, so I have been getting into art recently. I have always liked to sketch random things, but because of the amount of free time I have now, I get to draw more. I have even started painting on old canvases that I found at home,” Bleazard said.

Many people have found types of art to be very relaxing during these stressful times, and use it as a way to distract themselves.

“I’ve always loved painting and making art but I usually don’t have much time for it because of school and dance. Now that we are stuck inside with nothing to do I can finally get back into it. It is really relaxing when I get stressed,” freshman Linnea Siderhurst said.

For others, this is also a time where they can perfect skills they already have and get to explore what they love more.

“I have not necessarily learned any new dance moves, but I have tried to improve the ones I already know to make them better. I have also tried to go more in depth with different styles I don’t normally do,” freshman Kate Nichols said.

Learning new things may be exciting, but it also has its challenges at this time.

“It is harder to dance at home because I have to adapt to the space and I dont have the ability to use the stage. It is very interesting and somewhat challenging to find places to dance at home,” Nichols said.

Branching out and trying new things is a great thing all the time, but being home all the time gives students a perferct chance to do just that.

“[I] mostly do a lot of drawings in my sketchbooks, but recently I also discovered how to create succulents out of paper so that has been something I enjoy making and it was really fun to learn,” Siderhurst said.

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