Sneary looks toward her future, a new job

Lily Fleming, Page Editor

As a junior, Jalyn Sneary tries to fill up her load with schoolwork and her job. In school, Sneary is involved with the theater community and Spanish as an elective.

“I’ve done theater for all three years I’ve been at the high school. Last year, I did robotics with Geoffrey Estes, and I’ve done up to Spanish 4 and I’ll take AP Spanish or Spanish 5 next year,” Sneary said. 

While Sneary has taken a lot of classes, theater has always been her favorite, even though she is not involved in many plays or musicals. She recommends theater as a class everyone should try.

“My favorite class is theater because it is kind of like a family [since of] how we are all grouped together and we all get along so well and we are also all very chaotic. My freshman year, I was in Santa Zombie Apocalypse, but I can’t sing or dance, so I’m not in musicals or tryout for them. I  would definitely recommend taking theater because you don’t have to be good at acting at all and it is really fun,” Sneary said.

According to Sneary, school can sometimes be hard to handle since she also has a lot on her plate outside of school. Sneary has been working at Red Front, but it has recently shut down, and with that, Sneary is out of a job.

“Since we are going out of business, I’m losing my job and I’m sad because I really like my job. We’re closing for a lot of debt reasons and people just stopped shopping there because of the new owners and a lot of drama,” Sneary said.

Now she is looking for a new job, but is skeptical that she will be hired due to the Coronavirus going around and things shutting down.

“I’m trying to get a job at VMRC as a waitress and they are running a background check on me, but with the Coronavirus going around, I don’t know if they are going to hire me,” Sneary said.

As a junior, Sneary has begun to start thinking about her future after high school. While she is uncertain about what college she will attend, she knows what she wants to do and major in.

“I don’t know what college I want to go to, but I know I want to double major in early childhood development and business management,” Sneary said

Taking care of children has always been a passion of Sneary’s and she hopes to do it in her future because she loves kids.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve loved taking care of kids and I’ve been babysitting since I was ten and whenever I’m at church, I go up to whoever has the newest infant and I skip my youth group and just hold the baby and take care of it the whole time. I babysit all the time and my contacts are mostly filled with parents of kids I babysit,” Snaery said.

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