Girls soccer introduces all male coaching staff


Ethan Swift

Sophomore Olivia King kicks a ball during a drill at the girls practice.

Lily Fleming, Page Editor

With the beginning of this spring’s soccer season came three new coaches for the girls soccer program. Horizons Edge Operations Director Ray Ellington returned as the varsity head coach and was the only one to return following last season, leaving the positions of former varsity assistant coach Kristen Lovell and JV head coach Becca Borg to be filled. Three new coaches were hired into the program, including math teacher Jeffrey Mumaw as head coach of JV.

Some returning players believe that this coaching change is going to affect the connection the coaches have with the players. With female coaches, players felt like they had emotional support and people who understood what they were going through; however, with the gender differences this season, being able to form emotional bonds between the players and the coaches is difficult. 

Returning varsity player, sophomore Laura Gonzalez believes that the experience will be very different because of the different support that comes from male coaches than female coaches.

“I think it is definitely going to be a different experience. We are going to miss some of the emotional support that came with the female coaches,” Gonzalez said.

According to freshman Quetzalli Arteaga, one of the athletes on the girls JV team last season, believes the connection between coaches and players is an important factor due to trust, not only players trusting their coaches, but also coaches trusting their players as well. 

“The coaches and players need to be able to communicate on the field well and you need to be able to trust the coaches on their coaching points and advice,” Arteaga said.

While some emotional support might be missing with all male coaches, others don’t think much is going to change.

“We still have mostly the same players, so regardless of the coaches, the level of play should be similar,” Arteaga said.

Returning varsity player sophomore Olivia King believes that the connection between the players and coaches will be different, but is excited for what is to come.

“The level of trust depends on how committed they are to connect with us, so I am not quite sure how it is going to go yet,” King said. “I am a little nervous, but also excited for all male coaches because it is definitely different than having a female coach [since] with a female coach, you can bond more emotionally, and I just haven’t had all male coaches before so I don’t know what it will be like.”

Aside from the connection between coaches and players, players hope that new coaches will coach at a faster pace and help the team be the best it can be this season. 

“I am hoping this season will be a little stricter and harder and at a faster pace, but I don’t know that it just depends on the gender of them. I hope that it will be better,” King said.

Gonalez also hopes that new coaches will get them into the best shape they can be in.

“Hopefully it won’t change a lot and the new assistant coach still makes us run. I really think we need that conditioning,” Gonzalez said.


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