Cookout is the best place in Harrisonburg to get food, hang out

Harrisonburg has very few places with good environments to eat and hang out in for extended periods of time. You can’t spend hours at the mall food court, and most other places are too busy or have no atmosphere. However, Cookout does not have either of these problems, and it is the best place in Harrisonburg for two main reasons. 

The first reason is that Cookout’s environment is like no other. The lights are dim, and it’s warm in the winter. The restaurant is lined with faux wood and red booth seats, and it has oo many that the place seems crowded. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen adds to the noise of the restaurant. College and high school age kids can always be found relaxing in the booths, eating or drinking whatever they desire. People can spend hours here because it gives a sense of home and has a welcoming atmosphere. Cookout gives the customers a warm welcome and provides a feeling reminiscent of a log cabin. While Cookout has a very good atmosphere, they also have cheap and delicious food.

The food in Cookout is greasy and delicious. It may not be the healthiest, but it is definitely worth the small amount of money the customer pays. Cookout’s menu is very diverse, with options ranging from hush puppies to spicy chicken sandwiches to Cheerwine floats. One thing Cookout is known for is its 46 flavor milkshake menu. Their milkshakes are delicious and inexpensive, and my personal favorite is the Reese’s milkshake. One of their healthier options is the fresh banana milkshake, which gives the essence of a banana smoothie. Cookout has a variety of out of the ordinary foods that cannot be found at a lot of other restaurants in the area. 

Just imagine yourself on a Friday night with a milkshake in one hand, curly fries in the other and money still in your pocket, sitting around a table with your closest friends and talking for hours. That sounds like a fun way to spend any night.