Mitchell designs sculpture for Fine Arts Showcase


Grace Miller

Junior Amelia Mitchell speaks about her sculpted tree she made for the showcase “Bare.”

Jan. 15, the Fine Arts Academy hosted a showcase created by the Fine Arts Academy students in the auditorium. This showcase’s theme is bare. Junior Amelia Mitchell created a sculpture of a tree to portray this theme.

“I did a tree, which is kind of the representation of bare. Since I’m in the visual arts strand, I decided to do a sculpture,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell chose to create a sculpture because sculptures utilize different mediums, which are the materials and supplies used to create a work of art.

“I want to try out new mediums, and I’ve not tried bending metal before,” Mitchell said.

Showcases on a certain theme for students to work from or be inspired by. This time, the Fine Arts Academy chose the theme of this showcase through a simple and random process.

“We chose a word just randomly, [and] we all voted on it because we all come up with different ideas. We all [chose] the theme together,” Mitchell said.

FAACL showcases are hosted often at HHS, and Mitchell feels that she benefits from the showcases, even if preparing for them can be challenging.

“I enjoy [showcases]. I like doing the projects, but it comes with a lot of stress because all the things have to come together, and I’m not the best public speaker. I have to talk about [the project] on stage,” Mitchell said.

FAACL students are graded on their project and performance.

“We are graded on the presentation part, and there’s a whole rubric we have to follow. A lot of it is the artist’s statement, which is what we write that describes our art,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell feels positive she will do well with her finished project at the showcase.

“My project is completely finished, which is nice to be done with. I enjoyed making the project so I feel confident that I’ll just do fine,” Mitchell said.