North-Sandel twins share a birthday, but not interests


Photo Courtesy by Isaac and Ruby North-Sandel

Seniors and twins Ruby and Isaac North-Sandel playing together as toddlers.

Lily Fleming, Page Editor

Unlike regular siblings, twins share a different kind of bond. Sometimes, they also share other things that regular siblings don’t, including groups of friends. Seniors Ruby and Isaac North-Sandel are twins and they are no different.

“We have pretty much the same group of friends. We’re both in band, so our friend group overlaps. I play tenor saxophone and Isaac plays bass clarinet,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

“Our friend groups kind of mix in some areas and we act pretty similarly in and out of school,” Isaac North-Sandel said.

Even though they might share friend groups, Ruby and Issac North-Sandel, unlike other siblings, have many different interests.

“Other than [band] we don’t have a lot of similar interests. He likes playing video games and I definitely do not. We [also] have a pretty similar sense of humor, so we like similar things and think the same things are funny, but we have many physical differences with what we like to do and things like that,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

According to Ruby North-Sandel, her and her brother are not as often compared to one another as people might be led to believe.

“We never really get compared because we like and do different things, so there is not much to compare,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

Since they are fraternal twins, most people don’t assume that Ruby and Issac North-Sandel are related.

“I don’t think people always assume we are twins. I feel like it’s 50/50. Some people think we look exactly alike and some people think we look nothing alike,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

When they were younger, Ruby and Isaac North-Sandel were not as close as they are now. While they don’t have many classes together, they still spend more time together now than in their younger years.

“We don’t interact as much in school because we don’t have that many classes together, but as we got older, we definitely got closer,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

Many people wonder what it is like to have a twin, but for twins, it is nothing special.

“I don’t really think about [having a twin], it’s just normal for me,” Ruby North-Sandel said.

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