Competition cheer moves on to second round of regionals

Juniors Nissi Gotay, Ruby Arndt and Lizzy Healy do a lib.

Nov. 2, the competition cheer team traveled to Stafford High School for their regional competition. There were a total of seven schools competing at this event. Freshman Maya Sarco competed with the team, and she thought that overall, it went well. 

“The first time I went on the wrong counts, like the beginning of the dance. I went on one instead of three. Besides that, everything else was fine,” Sarco said. 

Sarco enjoyed the process of competing. 

“We get out of the bus and they show us to a classroom which is where we’re supposed to change, to eat. They have a coaches meeting where all the coaches go and they randomly decide who goes first, second, third, and so on. They give you stretching time, they give you warm up time to go over whatever you want to warm up, and then you get on the mat. After that, you can sometimes go do your homework if you have time or watch other people,” Sarco said.

After staying at the event from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the cheerleaders got on the busfor the two hour ride back home. According to Sarco, she appreciated the experience of the whole season and will miss the team. 

“It’s fun, everyone’s like a family. [The season ending is] like you’re breaking apart from everybody. [Cheer] helped me become sharper for gymnastics and other sports. It helps me become more athletic. I made a lot of new friends,” Sarco said.