One Act hopefuls prepare during final audition workshop

Freshman Ellie Velker reviews her monolouge. Upperclassmen give her advice on how to perfect it.

Friday Sept. 6, the drama hallway was filled with chatters and laughs. Students bustled around reciting lines and getting to know new people. The first audition workshop was being held for the 2019 one act show. One of these students was sophomore Sophia Yoder. This being her second year in one act, she was excited for what the new year would bring. 

“I auditioned last year and I just think its a really great experience because I like theater and the bond with the cast is really awesome,” Yoder said. 

The workshop started out with the students on stage playing some ice breakers and getting to know one another. However, Yoder was past this point and felt comfortable on stage with her peers. She was more excited about getting into the show and preparing it for the Virginia Theater Association competitions. 

“I’m really excited to just run through the show and also VTA which is the competition [later in the fall] and it’s a really awesome experience,” Yoder said. 

Yoder hopes to learn from her experiences throughout one act and knows that she will continue to learn more about herself and others. 

“I hope to grow as an actor obviously and then also grow bonds with the other people in the show,” Yoder said. 

In addition to Yoder, freshman Ellie Peaks attended the workshop to get tips on her monologues and get used to a high school practice. Peaks had participated in multiple shows at Thomas Harrison Middle School and enjoyed the experience, but was ready for a challenge.

“I’m just excited because I’ve gone to VTA before but never in a high school setting, so I’m just really excited if I get in because it seems really fun and it’s a good show,” Peaks said.