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Learning latin based languages is easier

I can speak both English and Romanian. Romanian is a latin language, along with Spanish, French and Italian. Whenever I take a Spanish class it is very easy for me to pick up new words or form sentences because the languages are so similar.

I’m fluent in two languages

I can speak both English and Romanian fluently, giving me an advantage when talking to other people who also speak Romanian.

I don’t have an accent in either language

Many people don’t realize that I speak two languages, and it’s because I was taught two languages when I was a baby. I sincerely don’t remember ever speaking one language. My first full word was water in Romanian, or “apa”.

I learn subjects in two languages

My mom liked to teach me math at home when I was younger, and she would teach me in Romanian. I would later learn the material in school in English, basically learning something twice.

I have been exposed to two different cultures from birth

This way I was automatically exposed to a more diverse pallet of foods and a diverse community of people. This also included more trips overseas because all of my family is back in Romania.

I get to communicate with a whole other diverse community

This is a chance that few people get, the chance to communicate with two different communities. I get to learn about both communities, things that I wouldn’t have learned from just one over the other.

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