Sour Patch Kids deserve to be on top of everyone’s favorite candy list


Oziel Valdez

Sour Patch Kids stands triumphantly over other candies.

Placing third in The Cut’s list of top Halloween candies of the year in 2018, Sour Patch Kids have been growing in popularity in the years. While Sour Patch Kids deserve to be on that list, they don’t deserve third place. They deserves first because they’re dominant over other candies. With unique flavors and textures, Sour Patch Kids rise to the top to be my favorite candy and should be everyone else’s.

Personally, not everything always has to do with the candy. Packaging and advertising are very crucial in the popularity of a candy. On the Sour Patch Kids packaging, it is very unique compared to other candies. Instead of having a plain rainbow on it (sorry, Skittles), it has miniature Sour Patch Kids forming a circle around it. This attention to detail makes the impression that the creators of this candy took time to make the packaging. Not only that, but they also have witty advertising ideas. Sour Patch Kids add humor to their commercials with their signature pun. Unlike other boring commercials, Sour Patch Kids comes up with fresh ideas to fulfill their punchline, “First they’re Sour, then they’re sweet.”

Sour Patch Kids have a special kind of taste compared to other sour candies. As advertised, they are both sour and sweet. While most candies only challenge one area of the tongue, Sour Patch Kids breaks those barriers and challenges two; primarily the sour and sweet parts of the tongue. This, scientifically, makes the flavor of Sour Patch Kids more advanced than any other candy.

Sour Patch Kids currently have five flavors in their normal packages. They each vary in color and in taste, yet they all follow the same theme of being fruits. Each ones has their pros and cons but, in all honesty, they are all really good. The fruits chosen are very tangy and work well with being sour and sweet, as though the sweet and sour flavors don’t clash. My current ranking for the Sour Patch Kids flavors is:


  • Lemon (Yellow)
  • Blue Raspberry (Blue) (Newest addition in 2014)
  • Orange (Orange)
  • Green (Lime)
  • Redberry (Red)


While the classic flavors are amazing, there are other very influential special flavors like watermelon and tropical. They taste different enough from the classic flavors that they’re unique, but you can still tell that they are Sour Patch Kids. This is because of the granulated sugar around the Sour Patch Kid. The sugar is a part that everyone I know looks forward to because some always remains in the bottom of the bag, and I know people who will fight to be the one to eat the sugar at the bottom. The sugar is very sweet, but has a sharp taste to it that reminds us of the Sour Patch Kids motto (“Sour, then Sweet!”). While the granulated sugar is good when in the bag, it surprisingly stays well on the gummies throughout the time you eat them. Very rarely does the sugar ever fall on me, which is a very big upside since the sugar on a lot of gummy candies always fall off and get on clothes. In the end, Sour Patch Kids create a unique tastes with its flavors that keep me coming back.

Sour Patch Kids are shaped like children. Most people would find eating children to be horrific, but I find it quite enjoyable when eating Sour Patch Kids. While being true to their theme, they are also small (like children). The fact that they are bite-sized make them a better treat. Whether you’re eating them in the movie theater or at home, they require less effort to chew. Their small size allows for many to be eaten at once, or for them to be eaten one at a time. Another good fact about them is that they are soft and chewy. This is especially helpful for snacking during a movie because you won’t make any noise with your chewing. The silence helps everyone around you to enjoy a film while you enjoy a snack.

In conclusion, everyone is going to have different opinions on candies. While Sour Patch Kids are an acquired taste, they are a family snack that everyone should enjoy. They provide comfort and familiarity with the consistency of their flavors and how useful their candy can be (like eating them silently at the theater). Whether you like them for their scientific revolution or their good taste, Sour Patch Kids stand as a popular candy through mine and many other’s hearts.

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