Why clouds are the greatest work of art

Clouds are the most beautiful thing this world has to offer. From billowing arches made by cumulonimbus clouds to wispy waves made by cirrus clouds, there is no end to the beauty that these works of art offer.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a consuming fascination with clouds. I remember making a nine-hour trip to the beach every summer and watching the clouds pass by interrupted the entire time and babbling out whatever fantastical creature they brought to mind. Their endless grooves and crevasses and heights and depth and color hold my attention without fail. Even if I’m driving on the road, if I see an interesting cloud, I’ll pull off and take photos of them.

But what makes clouds beautiful, and why do I see them as works of art? They’re beautiful because of their uniqueness; just as the snowflakes they produce, no two are the same, and each one inspires a different emotion in me. With high, thin clouds whipped by the wind into tendrils of fluff, a wistful, longing feeling is elicited, while when a thunderstorm approaches, the dark, billowing nature of the cloud juxtaposed with a blue sky creates a feeling of uneasiness, but captivates me nonetheless.

For those who are like-minded and enjoy clouds like me, I encourage you to watch The Weather Channel. They often do specials on freak storms and unusual weather patterns, which create the most soul-touching clouds and will without a doubt captivate you. Moreover, if you’re an even more fanatic cloud-enthusiast, you can join the Cloud Appreciation Society to share your love of these gorgeous entities. I encourage everyone to take a moment to stop and stare at the sky, and I guarantee that once you begin to see the enormity and detail of clouds, you too will think that there is nothing more beautiful.