Andrews collects variety of swords


Photo courtesy of Harvie Andrews

Andrews swords sit on display in his house.


Harvie Andrews is the new track coach here at Harrisonburg High School, but recently, over the past year, Andrews started collecting swords. After his uncle passed away, Andrews was asked to continue his collection.

“My uncle is a doctor of karate but he passed away. He sent me a few and then they just kept growing and growing,” Andrews said.

Over the course of the year, Andrews has seen and shopped in several stores, periodically buying a sword whenever he sees one he likes.  

“It depends on where I run across one, they’re kind of far in between, but if I see something I like, I pick it up,” Andrews said.

Out of Andrews’ nine swords, his favorite sword is the Katana blade. This single-edged sword is characterised by its distinctive appearance.

“It’s probably my favorite because it’s the sharpest one in the bunch,” Andrews said.    

For Andrews, these swords aren’t just a collector’s item. To him, they are much more meaningful.

“For me it’s just sentimental value,” Andrews said.

Andrews lives with his wife and daughter junior Nina Andrews. When asked how his family felt about his sword collection, he said they were pretty much fine with it.

“My daughter thinks it’s a little extreme because I’m a little overprotective, but my wife, she’s cool with it as long as she can have a few on her side of the bed,” Andrews said.

Besides thinking it’s a little extreme, Nina also says it makes her feel safe and protected.  

“I feel like with the sword collection in the house I feel protected a little bit just in case something were to happen. I’m pretty sure he would never actually chop anybody but it’s just nice knowing that if something happened, they’re there,” Nina said.

Andrews plans on collecting swords for as long as he can and to continue what his uncle started.

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