Converse are the best brand of shoes


Betsy Quimby

A pair of black Converse Chuck Taylors.

I got my first pair of black, high top Chuck Taylor All Stars when I was in the first grade and wore them almost every day for about two years. I received my second pair of black, high top Converse in fourth grade, and wore them almost every day for almost three years. I got my third pair in seventh grade, and I wore those for about one year. In eighth grade, I got my most recent pair, low top Chucks with a colorful design. Although I haven’t actually worn my Converse for a while (I’m also a big fan of Dr. Martens), they are definitely my favorite brand of shoe.

Converse include lots of features that you simply can’t find in many other shoes. First off, they are very durable. On a field trip to the Chesapeake Bay, I donned my trusty Converse for a trek through a saltwater marsh. While many people’s rain boots were being sucked off and getting stuck in the mud, my shoes stayed securely on my feet all day long. Granted, they still do smell a little like mud and salt, but I think that just adds to the character.

Looking back at that moment, I know that my Doc Martens would’ve been ruined had I stepped into that salty, mucky mess. Doc Martens feature round laces, rather than Converse which use flat laces. Converse are easier to tie and hardly ever come undone, especially when double-knotted. By the end of the day I will have had to retie my Dr. Martens at least twice, or at least once if they’re double-knotted.

Converse are also super stylish. While the shoes can be purchased in a multitude of fun colors and premade designs, they are also totally customizable. On Converse’s website, you are able to change the design of both high and low top shoes, picking the color of almost every aspect of the shoe, including the inner body, outer body, tongue, eyelets and laces.

So, if you’re going to listen to my expert opinion (which I would recommend), buy yourself a pair of Chuck Taylors.