Romero explains “trippy” marching band theme

Q&A with Juan Romero


Q: What is this year’s theme?
A: It’s about time and how you can alter time, stop time, go back in time and finally the countdown of time.

Q: How is this different from last year’s theme?
A: Last year’s theme was Opportunity Knocks, and instead of clocks as the props, we used doors. The music was really different because the music was soft and melodic. This year the music changes up a lot with the different themes of time.

Q: What do you like about this theme?
A: What I like about this theme is that it’s very trippy, a lot of things are happening.

Q: How do you think that performance will go?
A: The way we’re practicing right now, it should go well by the time the football game comes.

Q: What is the hardest part of being in band?
A: The hardest part is the commitment, there’s a lot of commitment.

Q: How do you work together with the color guard?
A: Color guard does their thing for a little bit, the band does our thing for a little bit, then we come together and try to see if that corresponds with each other. We keep doing that until it comes together.

Q: How do you coordinate your moves with the rest of the band?
A: For the choreography, everyone is counting. Before we get to the field we do step outs, we learn our music, we write down our counts and then we step off, just marking time and place. Once we get down to the field is when it all comes together.